Preparations for World War Three: Chinese Military Spending Gets another Massive Increase


In the last days the “Kings of the East” will, according to the Bible, kill about a third of mankind in the war of Armageddon and china, with its astonishing military buildup, has got to be the odds on favorite for being the Chief King of the East!  China has an amazing navy that managed to confound the American Navy when it surfaced an undetected submarine in the middle of our naval exercises; and now it’s profoundly upgrading its weapons of mass destruction. Chinese military might is growing exponentially and the proceeds of its economy is greatly focused on growing the military into something that can challenge the United States at every level.  China has developed and tested an astonishing cyberwarfare capability that’s clearly aimed at the United States; it’s developed an Anti-Satellite capability and a new space program as we retreat from the stars.  China is our chief creditor and can flood the world with dollars at will and destroy the economy of the USA and perhaps the planet at will: and yet the mainstream media remains unaware that this massive military buildup spells trouble for everyone down the road.

In the midst of the global recession/depression the Chinese are increasing military spending a whopping 15% as Obama tries to sell the Russians on a plan to reduce nuclear arsenals in both the Russian Federation and the United States by 80%.  We ignore the Chinese Military and Economic buildup at our peril because a day will come when China will either use its arsenal or trade its influence for global domination.  If China is indeed the King of the East than the instruments for the destruction of a third of humankind are being budgeted in the story below.  One can only hope President Obama can be troubled to take his mind of ramming “Universal Health Care and buying up the means of production long enough to consider what the Chinese are up to and nip this problem in the bud.  I’m not holding my breath, however.


The following story is from the  Here’s the URL:


China to increase defense spending by 15 per cent

China is to increase official military spending by almost 15 per cent this year as it seeks to upgrade its smart technology and improve the living standards of its soldiers.


By Richard Spencer in Beijing
Last Updated: 1:29PM GMT 04 Mar 2009


The 14.9 per cent rise to 480.7 billion yuan (£50 billion), up 62.5 billion yuan from 2008, was announced in advance of the annual meeting of the rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress.

It is slightly smaller than the increase in recent years, suggesting that the government is focusing its spending on boosting the wider economy.

But after rises of 17.8 per cent in 2007 and 17.6 per cent in 2008, it still amounts to a rise of more than half since 2006.

In addition, the United States claims that real spending is significantly higher, as many costs, including major arms purchases, are kept off the officially announced budget.

This claim was rejected by Li Zhaoxing, a former foreign minister acting as spokesman for the Congress.

He said that China had signed up to the United Nations code for reporting military expenditure in 2007.

“There is no such thing as the so-called hidden military expenditure in China,” he said.

He said that this year military spending would be 6.3 per cent of the total budget, and 1.4 per cent of GDP, compared to four per cent in the United States and two per cent in Britain and France.

China is known to be upgrading its nuclear arsenal and has all but confirmed plans to build its first aircraft carrier, but it is unclear whether these heavy cost loads are included in the budget.

Mr Li said a major part of the expenditure was to improve the historically poor living standards of foot-soldiers in the People’s Liberation Army. But he said money would also be spent on “informatisation” – the country has become fiercely aware in the last two decades of how far behind the United States it has fallen in “smart” technology.

The PLA also needed more money to play its share in reconstruction projects in the areas afflicted by the Sichuan earthquake in May last year, which killed at least 80,000 people.

The National People’s Congress opens on Thursday with a speech by the prime minister, Wen Jiabao. Mr Li confirmed that the duration of the NPC had been cut to just eight and a half days, and would end on March 13.

Reducing the length of time the parliament sits is one of a number of cost-cutting measures put in place by the government.

Delegates are also being banned from staying in five-star hotels, and their daily living expenses will be just 100 yuan – £10.


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