War Between Israel and Iran a near Certainty: War Likely this Year Due to Existential Threat to Israel


The evidence continues to mount that Iran and Israel are on a collision course as the crazy Mullahs in Iran risk a regional conflagration by pursuing nuclear weapons.  Israel has tried its best to avoid war and the Obama Administration seems to be tone deft regarding foreign policy; so it looks more and more like Israel will have to take unilateral actions against Iran this year.  There’s simply no more time left to dither away because not only does Iran have what it needs to make the bombs but it’s a near certainty they’ll use them against Israel and the USA given half a chance. 

It’s an unfortunate turn of events that has Israel having to go it alone in what’s likely to be a costly and painful war but what choice do they have?  The truth be told; the United States is as likely to find some Iranian bombs sneaked into New York City because the only thing the Iranian Government hates more than Israel is America.  (The Great Satan)  It’s a sad day to realize that the Obama Administration will be sitting on the sidelines while Israel takes on this foe because they’re as much a threat to American National Security as to Israeli National Security.  Thank God for Benjamin Netanyahu because if anyone can pull this off alone: he can.  As for Barak Obama: He might figure it out when New York City goes floating by in a mushroom cloud or he may prove his critics right who compare him to Jimmy Carter and never figure it out.

Barak Obama hasn’t got a clue and the Middle East is about to erupt in a major conflagration that will likely have oil prices skyrocketing again.  Much damage could be mitigated in advance if the United States would take the necessary steps in support of Israel but the Obama Administration would rather be surprised by events rather than drive them.  My guess is that an attack will come in late summer to early fall but it could come within weeks of Netanyahu being sworn in as Prime Minister. Consider this article from the Debka File:


Israel: Iran has crossed technological threshold in drive for nuclear bomb

March 8, 2009, 5:27 PM (GMT+02:00)


Israeli Cassandara: Military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin

Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, head of Israeli military intelligence AMAN, confirmed at the weekly government session in Jerusalem Sunday, March 8, that Iran had crossed the technological threshold to a nuclear bomb capability and required only a strategic decision to go into production.

Tehran TV disclosed Sunday that Iran had test fired a new long-range missile, without offering details.

The Israeli intelligence chief said Iran continues to accumulate hundreds of kilos of low-grade enriched uranium. Tehran expects to gain time from diplomacy with the West for consummating its military nuclear program, he said.

Yadlin’s evaluation matched that of Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, who said last week: “Iran likely has enough nuclear fuel stockpiled to make a bomb.”

The Israeli general reported that Middle East moderates are cynical about the talks President Barack Obama is promoting with Tehran. They fear the dialogue will come at their expense while Iran and Syria would capitalize on the time gained to further boost and arm terrorist and radical groups.

Yadlin warned that the Palestinian unity talks resuming in Cairo Tuesday, March 10, were a vehicle for Hamas to break out of international isolation.



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