It May be North Korea’s Missile but its Japan that’s Going Ballistic: Tokyo says it Will Shoot Down a North Korean Missile

The North Koreans are at it again and they’ve managed to really infuriate our Japanese Allies by pretending to launch a “satellite” over the Pacific Ocean just to the north of Japan.  While Barak Obama’s Administration has recanted an Admirals statement that the USA was prepared to shoot down such a missile at the direction of the President; the Japanese are taking a more confrontational approach.  For the Japanese to rattle the saber it takes quite a provocation but that’s North Korea’s primary export these days.

The Chinese Government, as usual, is not saying much about North Korea’s “satellite” launch being embroiled with the United States in a naval spat in the South China Sea’s. 

The North Korean Government is a mystery these days with reports that its despotic leader has suffered a stroke, some say he died, and much doubt remains about its leadership and decision making structure.  They’re primarily a perpetually poor and starving dictatorship practicing Stalinist Communism from another century; while managing to acquire weapons of mass destruction.  The region worries because they’re so crazy and they have nothing to lose, making their crazy antics and obvious attempts to blackmail South Korea and America just credible enough to pay them off.  North Korea pulls these stunts and stops them when food aid comes rolling in and the rest of the world tries to keep them contained and pacified until another regime comes to power that must certainly be saner and more ambitious than its present leadership. 

The World is playing a waiting game with North Korea and this kind of tough talk from Japan seems oddly out of place.  Strong lines drawn with North Korea have seemed to egg the North on to make good on their given threat and in that sense this statement by Japan is puzzling.  Perhaps its frustration or perhaps they know something we don’t.  The only meaningful conclusion to come to at this time is this: North Korea is at it again!

Consider these clips from an article on Fox News: Read the whole story at this URL,2933,509075,00.html

Japan Warns It May Shoot Down N. Korean Rocket

Friday , March 13, 2009

SEOUL, South Korea — 

Japan sharply protested North Korea’s planned satellite launch, warning Friday it could shoot down the rocket after Pyongyang said it would fly over Japan and designated a “danger” zone off the country’s coast.

North Korea has given U.N. agencies coordinates forming two zones where parts of its multiple-stage rocket would fall, unveiling its plan to fire the projectile over Japan toward the Pacific Ocean in the launch set for sometime between April 4-8.

One of the “danger” zones where the rocket’s first stage is expected to fall lies in waters less than 75 miles from Japan’s northwestern shore, according to coordinates released by the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization on Thursday.

The other zone lies in the middle of the Pacific between Japan and Hawaii.

In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura told North Korea to abandon the rocket plan and said Japan was ready to defend itself.

“We can legally shoot down one for safety in case an object falls toward Japan,” he said.

Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada said Japan would “deal with anything that is flying toward us. We are preparing for any kind of emergency.”


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