Minnesota “Nice” is a National Security Threat: The Twin Cities Elevate Political Correctness over Common Sense


Minnesota was legendary for its, its ethic of being quite decent to everyone, and for its willingness to give everyone a fair shake; but in later years it seems to have degraded to a smug embrace of political correctness. Specifically, Minnesota has traded in its value of fair play for an image of fair play that strokes its ego while relegating its brains to the back seat.  The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have embraced the Hmong Community and the Somali Community in recent years but the simple truth of the matter is that there’s trouble brewing in the Somali Community.  The rabid feminists infesting the Colleges in Minnesota have so cowed the population that nary a word may be said against any immigrant or minority population.  Legitimate problems of Muslim assimilation abound and are not being addressed because no one wants to be labeled a racist for suggesting that some Muslims in Minnesota are dirt bags. 

The Whole world knows of Minnesota’s problem with the Somali’s as the story has even shown up in Israeli publications like the one below but only the woolly-headed liberals of Minnesota seem not to have gotten the message.   A love of fair play need not mean a foolhardy embrace of weakness just as a celebration of diversity need not be construed as a reason not to insist that immigrant communities have a duty to assimilate and honor our laws and customs.  Immigration to the United States means that people agree to assimilate into American values and the facilitation of that process may be a wonderful thing but to change the culture to fit the immigrant is folly.

 If Muslims cab drivers have a problem giving service to people who’ve been drinking, or if a blind person should have a Seeing Eye dog, even if they would be justified in Somalia to refuse service because dogs and alcohol are unclean: they are obligated to follow American law.  If there are terrorist recruiters in their midst they have a duty to contact the authorities and help to eradicate the terrorist problem in their midst.  They have a duty to us.  When we bend over backward to try and make the gentle folk of Minnesota conform to Somali norms we’ve abdicated the necessary assimilation model in favor of appeasing a fifth column in our midst.

There’s nothing wrong with aggressively advising the Somali community that this kind of sick anti American preaching and behavior will not be tolerated in Minnesota and there’s nothing wrong with profiling the whole community, if necessary to protect the public.  There’s no need to make special prayer rooms in the schools, put up with women wearing vales or tolerate domestic abuse in order to be “culturally sensitive.”  There is certainly no reason to be so welcoming of immigrants that terrorists are drawn to the state because the Minnesotans have minds so open that their brains have fallen out. Its not “nice” to be known to world terrorism as a safe place to operate!  What part of this is difficult to understand?

Minnesota is a great place to live and work and it’s a privilege for an immigrant to come and settle in Minnesota.  Every immigrant in Minnesota should be willing, as someone who wants to be an American, to assimilate to the culture and assist the police in routing out teaching and fomenting of terrorism.  The bad guys invariably pick a state like Minnesota where the kind hearted people simply have no clue that some people don’t deserve a welcome; to say nothing of “sensitivity” to their immigrant roots.  Naiveté of the magnitude of Minnesota becomes a danger to everyone when the need to see oneself as “nice” and “Inclusive” becomes an excuse to abandon your own laws and culture.

Hey Minnesota!  It’s not “nice” to abandon your duty to your fellow Americans to kiss up to would be Americans who seem to be a developing terrorist hotbed.  No matter how many angry adolescent college students and their goofy professors write op/eds and protest how about getting in the face of the Somali Community and getting to the bottom of this mess?  Is that too much to ask of Minnesota “Nice”?

Consider the following article from the Debka File at the following URL:


DEBKAfile‘s sources in the US Minneapolis-St. Paul report that the disappearance of dozens of young US-born Somali men in this area since last fall is under investigation by anti-terror authorities concerned they have been recruited to fight with al Qaeda-linked Islamist al Shabaab militia to topple the transitional federal government in Mogadishu. Some may even return home trained to form America’s first homegrown Islamist terrorist cell. The probe, triggered by a group of concerned ex-US military officers, has spread to Somali communities in other parts of America and, according to our sources, Canada too.

Last December a local newspaper reported suspicions that these young men may have returned to Somalia for jihad after Shirwa Ahmed, a naturalized US citizen, died in a suicide bombing in northern Somalia. Ahmed, 27, was a 1999 graduate of Minneapolis’s Roosevelt High School.

The London Telegraph added: US law enforcement agencies are concerned the young jihadists could return to the US to plot terror attacks following a similar path to the British Pakistanis behind the London bombings in July 2005 who made many visits to radical mosques in Pakistan. Since then, British Muslim extremists were suspected of involvement in the Mumbai terrorist outrage last November.

The FBI has issued grand jury subpoenas for the teachers at the Minneapolis and St. Paul mosques to find out who the missing men’s teachers were, what they were taught, how recruited them and funded their travel.


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