Shooting in Binghamton NY: Motive for Shooting Unclear at this Time



At this time the situation is still quite fluid however there has been a shooting in Binghamton NY at what is thought to be an immigration center.  Multiple fatalities and over 20 wounded have been reported. 

It’s also been reported that there were at least 2 gunmen with pistols and rifles who perpetrated this despicable event.

There’s no discussion that I’ve found on the description of the gunmen but every law enforcement agency from federal, state and local law enforcement seems to be represented at the crime scene.  At this point authorities have not even said that the event is over and all the perpetrators are in custody or are neutralized.

The only description I’ve heard is that the shooters may have been “Asian” which could be politically correct speech for Muslims and Arabs to actual Asians or Vietnamese people or what have you.  Several area hospitals are involved in treating the wounded.

I will do updates as necessary but the police are keeping a very effective lid on this story. 

I hope it’s not terrorism but 2 gunmen instead of a lone nut seems suggestive.


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