Democrat City with a Conservative Protest: Philadelphia May Deny Americans Their Rights to Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech and the Right to Protest


I’m a middle aged guy who’s never really attended a protest on anything.  I saw one once when I was a student at the University of Minnesota.  My wife and I have seen the course of the nation deteriorate for some time now and as a result I started this blog and we even planned to attend a Philadelphia Tea Party on April 15th and on the Saturday before Easter. I ordered t shirts for myself and my wife and we’ve kinda joked about becoming “activists” for common senses and sanity in this, the youth of our old age!  Neither of us exactly thought we would be at a protest march at this stage in our life but being a bit fired up has been kinda fun because for the first time our political system needs our participation beyond voting on election day.  I’ll never wear a tie dye or love beads, this is not California after all, and I gave thought to attending the protest in a suit coat with my tea party t shirt instead of a dress shirt and tie. That’s as radical as a conservative like me gets.

I’ve seen goofy protests on the news from gay parades to naked protests for the environment and I expected the tea party to be a good natured boring affair of a bunch of Americans getting together to put the brakes on government spending at all levels.  I believe that’s the right thing to do and it’s a matter of conscience. I believe its going to take people like me who never do things like this to just show up in non violent protest to get the governments attention and remind them who they work for.  Something must be done.  Somehow we need to find a way to stand up and “just say no” to bigger more intrusive government and its insane spending and tax policy.

Then I got this as an E mail:

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Philadelphia Tries to Stop Tea Party

The City of Philadelphia is trying to put the brakes on the upcoming Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party.

Diana Reimer, the organizer for Philadelphia, was notified (one week before the event) that this event is no longer a “demonstration,” but a “special event” and will be required to pay $8000, even though the city has already provided a permit for demonstration in Love Park.

The folks at want folks to call the Office of Managing Director (215-686-3488) or the Special Events Office (215-685-0060) to voice their concerns.

I’m with Alex Charyna on this one – it’s time for some civil disobedience. Folks should just show up, and see if the city will arrest thousands of Tea Party protesters for practicing their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. Better yet, why not just print some money to pay the bill, just like the federal government is going to do (of course, that is part of what folks are protesting).

For our listing of Tea Parties in Pennsylvania, go to

I would rather listen to a six hour Al Gore speech or attend a Michael Moore beach party than be arrested for most any reason.  I’ve never been arrested in my life and I never dreamed that I would actually contemplate an act of civil disobedience here in middle age. I’ve never seen anything that I believed warranted the risk of jail for something I thought the Government was doing wrong.  I don’t want to go to jail and I won’t pay any fines for exercising my right to protest under the law as a concerned American.  I don’t want any trouble but I won’t let liberal democrat Philadelphia infringe my rights as an American.  I urge everyone who reads this in Philadelphia to consider engaging in non violent civil disobedience to this craven attempt to disrupt a bunch of conservative Americans from exercising our right to free assembly and free speech.

I never thought I would see the day that the government tries to intimidate a bunch of ordinary Americans from protesting crazy government spending and poor tax policy.

I pray that the authorities in Philadelphia will reconsider this unwise action and return to a prudent tolerance of a bunch of middle age conservatives trying to send a message to our elected representatives.  I am convinced that Philadelphia has no moral or legal right to interfere with this lawful protest but in either event I urge everyone who can get there to attend. 

I never thought I would say this at my stage of life but I’ll see you at the protest.

Peace be with you.

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