The Big Green Economic Machine: No one is willing to “Invest” in Obama’s Green Energy Jobs



The Initial Purchase Offerings of stocks, to fund new business ventures, devoted to launching the green technology the democrats fantasies about; while they block any attempt to increase domestic production of oil, coal or nuclear energy, has dropped by nearly 90%.  We have the oil and the ability to vastly expand production but congress won’t allow it.  We have the coal and new clean coal technologies being developed; but Obama wants to kill the entire coal industry with his Cap and Trade policy.  We have nuclear technology and can make nuclear plants but Jane Fonda made a movie called the China Syndrome and now congress won’t let us have that either.

Obama and Pelosi’s Politburo assure us that the energy of the future will be wind and solar powered homes with befouled clean green gas to run our cars if the eclectic cars batteries don’t quite do the job. Our national leaders in the democrat congress and the White house tell us that all these green technologies will provide millions of jobs that will lift us out of the recession/depression while saving the Polar Bears and the Spotted Owl. The democrats were pregnant with ideas about how green jobs will pave the way to a “sustainable” future but it seems that the pregnancy was abruptly aborted when no one wanted to invest in green energy producing companies.  It seems that Pelosi and Obama, who expected to parent our new green way of life, will not be parents after all.  No money to start the companies means no green energy revolution: and no jobs.  Oooops.

Given the congressional witch hunts in the newly nationalized banking and auto industries; no sane private investor would be willing to invest in green technology in this age of government jihads against the private sector in particular and capitalism in general.  If you make a great solar panel or if you develop a battery that can hold its charge, and power a car for a week of 300 miles a day driving, you may find government taking over your business and regulating your pay if they think you charge too much.  Welcome to Obama’s America and the new normal, if you invent a better mouse trap you’re an exploitive, capitalist, planet raping dirt bag whose money should be redistributed to anybody but White Guys.  (White Guys invented slavery and exploitation you understand.)  Being successful is selfish and all gain must necessarily come at someone else’s expense so it’s the government’s sacred duty to take your money and give it to the deserving. If you invent a better mouse trap: just send it to Obama or Pelosi and maybe they’ll throw you a bone or get you a good government job.

The guy or gal that makes green energy practical won’t get rich like the old inventers of yesteryear.  The inventors of green technology will get a pat on the head from President Obama and the satisfaction of helping their socialist country while sacrificing future generations in a bankrupt country that can’t raise the capital to implement it.

It’s not just green technology that can’t attract investors it’s all our IPO’s (Initial purchase offerings) that’s down to the tune of about 60%. The land of the free and the home of the brave as well as the innovators and the entrepreneurs are finding the financial climate quite hostile these days. Risk is just too risky in a world where the government can make up the rules as it goes along and nationalize whole industries overnight if Barney Frank thinks it’s a good idea.  Those mean old rich people don’t want to play in a democrat sandbox if it means that they take all the risk and only the socialist government is rewarded. 

The next Bill Gates will be from China or Europe not America.  Those days are now officially over.

I feel better, don’t you?

Consider this article I found on Bloomberg:

Venture Capital Investments Plunge 61% Amid Frozen IPO Market

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By Joseph Galante and Tim Mullaney

April 18 (Bloomberg) — U.S. venture capital investments fell 61 percent to $3 billion in the first quarter, the lowest level in 12 years, as the financial crisis chased away funding for technology and clean-energy deals.

Funding of clean technology — coming off a surge of investments in 2007 and 2008 — plunged 87 percent, the National Venture Capital Association said today. Total venture investments dropped 47 percent from the previous three months.

The freeze in initial public offerings kept startups from getting funding because investors weren’t sure how they would earn a return, said John Taylor, vice president of research at the Arlington, Virginia-based association. Venture capitalists are devoting more attention to companies they already own.

“We are in a very difficult, stressed time,” Taylor said on a conference call. “Everyone is trying to figure out what is going on.”

Venture capitalists are now wary of the large financial commitments needed to commercialize technologies such as solar power and ethanol, said Noubar Afeyan, chief executive officer of Flagship Ventures in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The investments don’t seem to provide a quick payoff, he said.

“A lot of that money came in expecting a short-term exit, which didn’t happen,” Afeyan said.

The IPO market showed signs of thawing this week, with two companies going public. Bridgepoint Education Inc., a provider of college courses, began trading April 15. Shares of language- software maker Rosetta Stone Inc. debuted on April 16.

Still, the deals probably won’t open the floodgates, said Stephen Harrick, general partner at Institutional Venture Partners, a backer of the Twitter Inc. microblogging site.

“We have companies we think are ready or could be ready, but there hasn’t been any interest from the capital markets,” Harrick said.

The average size of a venture-capital investment fell to $5.5 million from $7.8 million a year ago, the NVCA said. Most of the investments are going to later-stage companies.

To contact the reporters on this story: Joseph Galante in San Francisco at; Tim Mullaney in New York at



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