China Continues Navel Expansion: Building a Navy To Challenge the USA



The Bible says that in the last days the “Kings of the East” will wipe out about a third of mankind and pollute a third of the fresh water and land.  That’s a frightening prediction to be sure but what’s even more frightening is to see the Chinese build exactly the arsenal they would need to fulfill their role as “Kings of the East”.  The Chinese are pouring money in to military build ups and upgrades to their strategic nuclear forces in addition to pioneering many key elements of twenty-first century warfare including cyber, economic, and space warfare capabilities. China is going to have an aircraft carrier or three before you know it and they already have stealth submarines that can sneak up on US naval exercises undetected and surface in the middle of a task force to the consternation of our admirals and the shock of our ship captains.

At a time when Europe is still largely dependent on an American led NATO and we’re busy making cuts in our defense budget the Chinese are explosively building up their forces and becoming the innovators in cyber warfare.  Just the other week we discovered that most all of our major control grids like the electrical grids had been hacked and viruses implanted that could immobilize the grid at a time picked by an enemy for an attack.  All our banks have been similarly penetrated and presumably have cyber virus bombs that can be activated at the whim of an enemy.  The aircraft system, the pentagon is under constant attack as our politicians on Capitol Hill and I’m sure the major defense contractors.  There’s a cyber war going on right now that everyone know is the Chinese but it very difficult to prove.  We’re way behind their virus makers and just as Hitler introduced “Blitzkrieg” to the world we’re likely to be treated to new innovations in warfare at the onset of world war III that will include Cyber Attacks on our Critical Infrastructure as well as attacks on our economy via currency dumps and destruction of our satellites in space.

The Bible says that “The Kings of the East” will be able to field an army of some 200,000,000 people to invade the middle east when they embark on what sounds to me a giant oil grab to maintain fuel for their factory’s and burgeoning middle class.  Even now the Russians are trying to get everyone in the Middle East to join up with them and stand together as oil producing nations against the interests of the United States.  We just happen to have a whole bunch of troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, to say nothing of our bases in Turkey, Kuwait, and do we still have guys in Saudi Arabia?  I can’t remember.  Anyone want to bet that we don’t have troops in Saudi Arabia?

The Chinese are building a horrific array of military capabilities and killing technologies and if anyone things they won’t influence the game on the world state or eventually be used when the house of cards that is China collapses than I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell  you!  (Tax Free)

Consider this clip from Reuters and remember what the Bible says about the Kings of the East.

China displays resurgent naval strength


Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:49am GMT


By Ben Blanchard and Lucy Hornby

But the gathering of ships and submarines may be taken as a disquieting sign of Chinese assertion by other governments worried about sea boundary disputes and rivalry for resources.

Chinese commentators have speculated the government will use the celebrations to announce firmer plans to build an aircraft carrier, seen by many here as the badge of a mature naval power.

“Now our country’s economy has developed to this level, to protect national maritime rights and interests … we must have an aircraft carrier,” retired Chinese navy commander Shi Yunsheng, told Outlook Weekly, a Chinese current affairs magazine.

“The navy must continue developing in its current direction, expanding spending so that the navy corresponds to China’s status as a great power.”

David Lai, a researcher at the United States Army War College, wrote recently that the anti-pirate mission was a small step in “China’s march to become a fully-functional world power.”

“The real test will come when China has to defend interests not covered by the United Nations or is in conflict with the United States,” Lai wrote in the journal China Security.

Chinese boats last month tangled with a U.S. ship in the South China Sea, which Beijing claims as its exclusive economic zone, in a reminder of the risks behind Beijing’s increasing military assertiveness and self-confidence.

This year’s U.S. Defence Department annual report on Chinese military capabilities said China was making advances in denying outsiders access to offshore areas and was improving its nuclear, space and cyber warfare capabilities.

The United States has long complained that China’s increased military spending lacks transparency, charges Beijing denies.

In the run-up to the parade, senior Chinese naval officials have promoted the country’s ambitions on the seas. Admiral Wu has said China would accelerate development of warships, stealth submarines and long-range missiles.


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