The Most Omitted Swine Flu Fact: IT’S NOT FLU SEASON



The World Health Organization (WHO) now reports some 40 cases of the flu in the United States of America but not a single death.  There are reports of continuing deaths in Mexico where much of the country lives in abject poverty and squalid conditions. In Mexico the WHO says there are 1600 confirmed infections of the flu with over 100 deaths.  This flue is being called the swine flu but that’s something of an over simplification.  The flue is a combination of Bird flu from Asia, Swine Flu from America, and a nasty Human Flu from Europe that somehow magically combined into the current bug: in Mexico City.  The Flu attacks the respiratory system and is apparently air born, spread by coughing and sneezing. The Flu has migrated to the United State, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain, and of course Mexico.  There are suspected cases in other places in the world including Israel but as of this report no Islamic nations have been affected. Europe is testing everyone coming in from the United States and Mexico.  Russia is not taking our pork products and our State Department is still thinking about issuing a travelers advisory to Mexico. (Now I see they are going to issue a travelers advisory)

Closing our boarder to Mexico is unlikely to occur, except perhaps in name only, as we’ve shown ourselves quite incapable of closing the boarder.  Mexico and Pakistan were considered by the CIA to be the two nations most likely to collapse because of the mixture of poverty, corruption, and anger and it would seem that Mexico is going to experience severe economic repercussions because of the flue.  The government may strengthen by using the flu as an excuse for a military crackdown or the government may fall if the panic becomes widespread in Mexico.  There may well be a run on the American Boarder, during a Pandemic, of Mexicans getting into the USA no matter what the cost. The Mexicans may have a difficult time convincing their people that their public health and medical recourses are as up to the challenge of combating the flue as the United States would be. 

Here is the sixty-four thousand dollar question:  Why is the flu so much worse and virulent in Mexico and not the United States where it seems mild and there are no deaths in the United States?  There has to be a reason and it seems likely that keys to defeating this bug will be found therein.

By the way: Isn’t it a fact that flu season in the United States ranges from November through March?  Isn’t this a bit late for a flu outbreak, to say nothing of a pandemic, of some hybrid including Swine, Bird and Human flu from three continents? What’s up with that?

28 cases are now being reported in New York with another 17 suspected cases.  No word on how severe the cases are. Here’s another question: Is this thing targeting Children?  I would like to see the age demographics of the people in Mexico who have died.  Remember it targeted that school in New York?  I can’t quite confirm that kids are more susceptible than adults.  Weren’t the California folks kids?  Mexico is closing its schools…  I would like more information on the demographics of the disease vector so if any readers find anything like this I would appreciate getting the word.  You can simply comment on this article. No one is saying it in so many words but it seems like kids are more at risk.

I read at the CDC website that we lose about 36,000 people annually to flu related deaths in the United States.  That’s just the normal flu season that normally runs November through March so this new outbreak of Swine/Bird/Human flu would have a way to go before it was considered a health disaster here…..  So far we’ve lost not a single person to this thing and the world seems to be turned on its head with fear of the flu. 

·        Then there’s the guy who died of the flu the day after shaking Obama’s hand….

·        Then there’s the fact its not flu season….

·        Then there’s the fact that Mexico was politically unstable and the government has the perfect excuse to crack down….

·        Then there’s what I understand to be a very unusual and rapid incubation of 24-48 hours…

·        Then there’s the natural coming together of Pig, Human and Bird flu’s from Europe, Asia and America having a “naturally occurring” outbreak in Mexico….

·        Then we have a “crisis” that precipitated a state of Health Emergency in the US and an administration that is bound and determined “never to let a good crisis go to waste”.  One wonders, especially with this administration if this “crisis” will be used to grease the skids for Universal Health Care…..   It almost seems immoral to govern by crisis and thus avoid the public debate that is supposed to set policy in a democracy….

I guess the good news is that the USA seems not to be hit as hard as Mexico.  That’s a big confirmable fact and the government has mobilized to fight this thing and the WHO is keeping an eye on it along with the CDC. There are many reasonable questions to ask about this outbreak and the possibility of what Janet Napolitano might call a “man caused disaster” (That would be “terrorism” in normal person speak) No one seems to be asking those questions now except for a terse denial that its terrorism.  Of course all reports I’ve seen have omitted the fact that its not flu season so call me silly for keeping the possibility of this new bug of Pig/Bird/Human flu from America/Asia/Europe being a designer bug alive.

Who am I going to believe:  Janet Napolitano or my lying eyes?


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