Impressions from Barak Obama’s First Hundred Days: Will the US be Recognizable after Another Hundred?


Barak Obama is notable for his complete contempt for the law and the constitution.  Mr. Obama is first and foremost an American Lawyer of the early twenty-first century and his first instinct is to say whatever will win his case, with any given audience, and his second impulse is to circumvent the law to suit his wishes.  Mr. Obama has shown a marked love of crisis and is not above using crisis to completely exclude a proper legislative process and ram through pet projects having nothing to do with the crisis. No debate, no reflection, no consideration for our history, tradition or our most cherished beliefs; just the crisis of the moment and the demand for a given program lest the USA crash and burn.  This is not a democracy— This is the stuff of Mussolini’s fascist Italy.  There are many examples of his treating the law as an inconvenience when he doesn’t like what it says.

Mr. Obama wants his own cabinet without having congress confirm his real advisors.  He appoints political hacks to go through the confirmation process while appointing a staggering number of “czars” to run the real policy and undermine the entrenched bureaucracy.  The Czars report to Obama, who reins in the given cabinet secretary, and replaces an entire federal department with one unconfirmed loyalist. No kitchen cabinet in history has been as extensive or as powerful as the one cobbled together by Obama. The confirmation of Cabinet Secretaries has been a complete sham and has effectively cheated the Senate of its constitutional roll to advice and consent. 

Mr. Obama has shown a willingness to rule almost exclusively by fear.  Under the mantra of “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” he’s completely undermined the legislative branch by ramming through spending programs and “stimulus” that has the power to destroy the dollar and our economy.  This was rammed through an incompetent and compliant congress in giving over the fate of the republic to a boy Treasury Secretary with little or no oversight and an unlimited credit line. The congress is following the President in believing that they can spend us out of a “debt caused mess” by adding more debt.  The democrats are enacting legislation without reading it, and voting astounding sums of money for Universal Health Care that we don’t have a plan for, nor has it been debated.  The fear of economic disaster is being used to enact one gigantic socialist program after the other with staggering long term ramifications for economic growth and government credibility.

Mr. Obama has exhibited an astonishing hubris in destroying the free market economy we enjoyed by nationalizing banks and automobile manufacturing.  Mr. Obama has the government holding the note for over half the mortgages in America. For his next hostile takeover by virtue of a “crisis” he’ll certainly socialize medicine perhaps by the end of the year.  The government who can print its own money and still can’t manage to stay solvent is lecturing American Corporations and entrepreneurs about salary caps, ethical conduct, and efficiency when the government has a dismal record of abject failure at running anything besides a war.  Barak Obama is clearly after complete control of banking because he won’t let horrified banks give the government its money back.  Obama want control of the banks because he can than dictate who does, and does not, get financing in our economy according to his whim: or by his version of political correctness.  Now under Obama the Government is becoming more and more like God everyday and its power grows exponentially at the expense of our freedom.  We’re paying off the automakers retiree’s, even if they go bankrupt, and we’ve all gone from citizens of the United States to employees of Obama’s Socialist States of America. Obama is the greatest champion the unions ever had and its no wonder they contribute to his campaigns and work the streets for him. Obama’s congress has reneged on any middle class tax cuts and the wave of confiscatory taxation they’re about to unleash will destroy federal revenues and our economy.  Obama’s tax policy makes government the enemy for anyone who craves success in life. Obama has changed the country from free market economics to socialist economics and the process is gaining speed.

Mr. Obama has promised that lobbyists would not be working in his administration and yet has issued so many wavers for lobbyists they don’t talk about that promise much anymore.  Mr. Obama has had terrible trouble finding enough democrats, who actually pay their taxes, to serve in the sham cabinet that’s approved by the senate.  Mr. Obama makes a great show of vetting the candidates who want to serve in his administration with an economic proctoscope to the point where they’re critically understaffed. The Tax Cheating Boy Secretary of the Treasury has no staff because the vetting process is so over the top intrusive that most candidates find it’s not worth serving if one must have his personal life dissected.  The nation just got a Secretary of Health and Human Services thanks to the Pandemic causing everyone to drop their objections!  Obama has this public show of having great standards but he gets people through the process by cheating, or evading, or stampeding, the democratic possess and ignoring the constitution.

Mr. Obama has made a mockery of American Foreign Policy and has created in our enemies an expectation that we’ll be weak and ineffectual in defending our interests just as Jimmy Carter was in the late seventies.  Obama has been called “weak and naïve” by the President of France, he’s been made a fool of by Hugo Chavez, he’s kissed up to Syria and Iran and bowed low to the King of Saudi Arabia.  Obama’s total failure to grasp Middle East Politics has forced Israel into a war against Iran that could have dire consequences on our economy and that of the world as well.  Obama makes a show of apologizing and criticizing both the United States and Israel whenever he goes abroad, to the cheers of our enemies, and the exasperation of the people he’s supposed to be representing.  Obama is an Anti-American, American President and the world loves the absurd sideshow of Obama whipping the American culture he seems to despise even as he pretends to lead us.  Obama is a creature of the American Educational system run amok and may well be the fall guy when our middle class is gone and most of us enjoy the standard of living expected by an “untouchable” pavement dweller in Calcutta.  The Chinese are in massive arms buildup; North Korea is shooting of missiles like it’s the Fourth of July and now threatens another nuclear test. The Russians hold Obama in contempt: and the Chinese have grown bold in testing our navy, cyber security, and economic security even as they are in the midst of the greatest military buildup in history.  The few close allies we have like the United Kingdom and Israel are treated rudely in public and minimized by Obama who’s apparently only civil to sworn blood enemies and rouge nations.  Obama’s alienation of Israel may have disastrous consequences in the coming regional war when Israel is forced to take out Iran’s nuclear program.

Mr. Obama has distracted the American People, in the current Swine Flu Crisis, from the fact that few of the key players we need are in place, from the Secretary of Health and Human Services to the director of the CDC; with a flurry of activity and political theater in which not one single American has died. There’s been a whole lot of hype about an event that will doubtless be labeled a Pandemic but as far as the United States is concerned it’s a pretty tame pandemic.  You would think the world was ending with the alarm being generated but the only person in America to die was a Mexican trying to get American Health Care for his baby. If this flu is naturally occurring, or was cooked up in a third world lab it seems to me to be “fizzling out”.  THAT MAY NOT BE THE CASE: BUT AT THIS TIME IT LOOKS MORE LIKE A MILD FLU RATHER THAN THE END OF THE WORLD REQUIRING ANOTHER BILLION BUCKS FROM THE TAX PAYERS.  Time will tell if the Obama Administration is being truthful with us in proclaiming that the current outbreak was not in fact a terror attack.  (The Obama Administration doesn’t have terror attacks: they’re the victims of “Man Caused Disasters”) 

Mr. Obama has shown himself to be such a citizen of the world that he’s apparently quite willing to sign foreign treaties to force his desired outcome to destroy our right to arms, freedom of speech, parental rights and to pass massive carbon tax increases further penalizing production in this country. Law is fine if it agrees with Obama but when it doesn’t he just might enter into a “treaty” that would require the government to confiscate our guns, criminalize Christianity with hate crimes laws, and delegate to the state how we discipline our kids.  And this is just for starters folks.  If Obama can’t get what he wants in the constitution he goes around the constitution with a foreign treaty that would effectively nullify constitutional rights and safeguards.  Obama wants to have lots of other nations, and the United Nations, have a say in American Law and define our rights as coming from politicians rather than God.  Internationalism is the key to the destruction of American Sovereignty by claiming that our constitution is outdated and that law “evolves” and that law “evolving” in Washington DC is no better or worse than law “evolving” in Timbuktu.  Indeed if Timbuktu has a law deemed more “with it” than what we have we should adopt it!  By this reasoning no guns in London or Paris would require no guns in any US cities. Obama and his fellow travelers have no regard for law or the constitution and instead of acting to defend the constitution, as his oath requires; he instead acts to subvert the constitution at every opportunity.  This is not the mark of an American President but of Benito Mussolini and it bodes ill for the future.

Will we survive another hundred days with Barak Obama at the helm?  Sure. (But we’re likely to live to regret it.)


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