Neo Fascist Nations Like China Undermine the Worlds Economy: Using the Global Economy as a Weapon of War and Conquest


We’re all familiar with the effects of a nation like China attracting huge amounts of the worlds manufacturing business because they have no environmental laws, no real employment law or benefits so labor is dirt cheap.  Here in the USA it’s been called outsourcing and it’s a way of describing the loss of our manufacturing base to nations whose people are just cogs of a totalitarian government. No modern western democracy can compete with Chinese factories because with state control and totalitarianism they can, and do, beat Western manufacturing costs by a mile. 

They have millions of perpetually unemployed people, no expectation of meaningful health care, no concerns for controlling the pollution, and no labor strikes or decent labor wages by order of the all powerful state. Business and economic activity are but additional methods for the state to interact with other nations on the world stage.  This is the ruthless harnessing of an economy as a weapon of mass destruction and as a tool of both statecraft and war. Government control of the economy has given China enough dollars to possibly destroy the US Dollar at will, its gutted our manufacturing base and created dependency on foreign nations for our manufacturing, Its siphoned off tremendous wealth from consuming nations like ours to producing nations like china: who use the money to vastly modernize their military perhaps to US standards. 

We’re cutting military funding and the Chinese are in double digit increases every year.  They want to be our military rivals and with our money they’re on course to do just that!  With totalitarian state control they don’t care if they have the most polluted cities on earth they want the economic and military power to challenge the USA and all comers.  The West is in denyal about how willing China is to cover their own country with pollution if it gains them control of the world economy and makes them a military superpower.  No western nation would destroy its own land to pursue such a goal but the totalitarian government of China is doing exactly that. Outsourcing is a national security issue as much as an economic issue. 

Technological innovation and cyber advances were our ace in the whole but now the Chinese and the Russians lead the world in Cyber Warfare while the West seems still to underestimate how important it is to keep our advantages in these areas.  The Chinese have an ambitious space program and, along with the Indians, are planning to go to the moon while we retire our shuttles and hitch rides with the Russians if we want to go to the International Space Station.

Here is the cold truth of the matter:  If you don’t care about polluting your land, are willing to pay your people next to nothing, are willing to ruthlessly suppress labor rights and are willing to accommodate any nation’s needs to get their business, you can run circles around a democracy in the short term. Western Factory workers anticipate something of a middle class lifestyle, decent and safe working conditions, vacations, health care, advancement, disability compensation insurance and so on.  Chinese workers are happy to make enough to be marginally subsistent.  If a modern democratic economy tries to compete with a neo socialist totalitarian economy there is no way for the democracy to win because the playing field is fundamentally unequal.  There is no competition because in the west we want to employ people so they can have a life while in the east they want to employ people to undercut our economy, thereby growing their military and undermining our economy for the purpose of control.  A fundamentally unfair and inhumane policy of slave labor is used to destabilize capitalist democracies which then become dependent on the totalitarian regime and incrementally the democracy ceases to exist.  We’re not in a trade war with china: we’re in a very real economic war in which the winner will take all and the loser will serve the winner as if enemy troops concurred the land.

Consider this story from Reuters UK and ask yourself why trade with totalitarian regimes like China has resulted in the erosion of our standard of rather than the elevation to our level for Chinese workers. I we continue to play the game Chinese style we’re going to lose big time.


Democracy seen threatened by new authoritarianism

Thu Jun 4, 2009 2:18pm BST

By Paul Eckert

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China, Iran, Russia and Venezuela form a clique of authoritarian states that use their wealth and influence to undermine global democracy and rule of law, a study by U.S.-funded agencies said on Thursday.

The report, released on the 20th anniversary of China’s suppression of the Tiananmen democracy movement, says these states’ challenge to Western democratic institutions represents a far “murkier picture” than the Cold War because they are integrated into the global economy and world bodies.

“Policymakers do not appear to appreciate the dangers these 21st century authoritarian models pose to democracy and rule of law around the world,” said the study by Freedom House, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and Radio Free Asia, all prominent U.S. democracy-promotion bodies.

“Just as they rule without law within their borders, authoritarian regimes are eroding the international rules and standards built up by the democratic world over the past several decades, threatening to export the instability and abuses that their systems engender,” it said.

The study said manufacturing and trading power China and petro-states Iran, Russia and Venezuela shared strong similarities despite their distinct political systems and backgrounds.

Authoritarian capitalist China and Russia have built systems that twin “impressive economic development with an equally impressive apparatus of political control,” it said.


Shiite Muslim clergy-ruled Iran and Venezuela, run by “a novel type of Latin American” strongman, held managed elections amid curbs on the opposition and on media, it said.

Ruling powers in the four states buttressed their control with tight restrictions on the Internet and media, promotion of nationalist versions of history in school textbooks and use of state wealth to serve their own interests, said the report.

Internationally, China has built a strong following in Africa and Latin America with generous no-strings-attached aid packages. Russia, Iran and Venezuela have used oil wealth to support regional clients, said the report.

“At the regional and international level, these authoritarian regimes are undercutting or crippling the democracy-promotion and human rights efforts of rules-based organizations,” it said.

Targets included the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the Organisation of American States (OAS), added the report.

The report also included Pakistan because of its struggling democracy, history of military rule and growing extremist insurgency.

Democracies needed to stand against the authoritarian tide and do more to safeguard and promote democratic institutions, said the report, without spelling out suggested responses.

“As the world’s democracies have struggled to find a common approach to the problem, or even to agree that there is a problem, modern authoritarian states have worked diligently to spread their influence,” it said.


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