Israel under the Bus: Obama sides with Arabs and Islamic Using Netanyahu as an Excuse



The Pro Islamic Obama Administration has thrown Israel under the bus in favor of a pie in the sky friendship with Islamic nations that have no hope of being realized.  It’s as if the Administration believes that it need not respect the work of previous administration that were not as enlightened, worldly, narcissistic and socialist as the Obama Administration.  Barak Obama is an ideological, hyper-partisan socialist who has absorbed, and now personifies the Anti Semitic stains of leftist ideology, and now has the ability to act out his ideological ignorance on the world stage. The only guide Obama has is the baby-boom, civil rights, anti white, and anti male bigotry that kindly Americans figured the higher educational system would one day evolve beyond.  This is a system that makes the so called victims, Blacks, Women, Hispanics, Kids, Handicapped people to be more human and of greater worth than white males who supposedly oppress them. Ironically this hateful doctrine is referred to as “multiculturalism” and its infested all the nations schools.  This is the social equivalent of junk science like “global warming” and the famous “gay gene”.  In other words these are publically generated abuses of “science” to perpetuate falsehood aimed at legitimizing a political aim or policy that could not otherwise be justified.

The fact that Israel has been and probably will remain a great ally and friend of the United States can’t compete with the leftist inclination, complete with a European flair of sophistication, to blame the Jews for the worlds ills instead of the clearly insane Islamic who are simply out of control. Israel is a modern, successful, freedom loving democracy that deserves many times over our admiration and support.  Most Middle East Arab/Islamic countries are backwards nations that despise freedom, enslave women and children, and hold the lives of anyone who disagrees with their world view very cheaply indeed. While it’s appropriate for us to respect the fact that hostile and repressive governments and cultures do exist and we need to be civil with them: it’s insane to suggest that such inhumane backwaters of bigotry and oppression should ever be favored over a democracy.  Israel has rule of law and the Islamic nations have a form of Sharia law that justifies the enslavement of millions to say nothing of the murder of non Muslims.  At the end of the day we’re pretending that Islam has produced a civilization that’s of greater worth and commands more respect than Israel: and that’s simply not true.  Islam is more a state of barbaric despotism than a legitimate state.  We need not and should not respect Islam when it calls for the destruction of Israel or when it calls the USA the “great Satan”. To take the side of the Arab/ Islamic nations against Israel who has offered peace from the beginning in favor of bloodthirsty Islamic jerks who want to destroy every Jew in Israel just for being Jewish, as they have consistently proclaimed over six decades, is obscene.

I’ve been monitoring the realization of Obama’s betrayal in the Israeli press for some time now and they’re far ahead of the American People in realizing that Obama has withdrawn American support for this good and trusted friend.  The American press continues to promote the Islamic view even after decades of Israeli concessions and Moslem lies and broken agreements.  If Islam had treated the United States the way they do Israel we would have wiped them out decades ago because we don’t have anything approaching the patience of our friend Israel.  Nevertheless Obama has become the Islamic champion of American Foreign Policy because he gets as much applause from European audiences for denouncing Israel as he does for defaming the nation he’s supposed to be leading. The betrayal of Barak Husain Obama means that Israel has nothing left to lose and a mortal enemy with a nuke salivating over the chance to wipe them off the face of the earth.  Obama’s ideological nonsense has made war inevitable and he has hastened the day it will come by his treachery and contempt for our best Middle East Allie. 

Consider the following story from the Debka File:


Clinton shreds Bush-Israel settlement understandings, fuels US-Israel row

DEBKAfile Special Analysis

June 6, 2009, 11:39 PM (GMT+02:00)


Gloves off, no more legalistic quibbling

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton roughly rejected any secret Bush agreements with Israel on expanding settlements. Her intention was to have the last word and so shut down the Obama administration’s argument with Israel over a West Bank settlement freeze. But she only threw fresh fuel on the fire when she stated emphatically on Friday, June 5, that according to the negotiating record which Bush officials turned over to the Obama administration, “There is no memorialization of any informal and oral agreements.”

Israel officials have protested that Barack Obama’s demand for a total freeze on settlement expansion contradicts a series of understandings – some written, some oral – with Bush officials which permitted expansion under certain conditions. This argument was put forward by prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his wide-ranging talks with the US president on May 18 and reaffirmed by Israeli officials when they met US Middle East envoy George Mitchell in London ten days later.

This key understanding referred to was reached in 2004: It provided for Israel’s voluntary evacuation of the Gaza Strip and the northern tip of the West Bank (which took place the following year) would be counter-balanced by Washington’s acceptance of the need for continuing construction in the large population blocks in other parts of West Bank territory to meet natural growth needs.

This understanding was reached by Bush’s national security adviser, Stephen Hadley and his deputy Elliott Abrams in talks with Israeli officials. Brig. Gen.

At their London meeting of May 28, Mike Herzog, defense minister Ehud Barak’s chief of staff, bore witness to Mitchell that he had led the Israeli team at the 2004 talks and that those talks had indeed ended with the two US NSC heads’ endorsement on behalf of the Bush administration of continued Israeli settlement construction to keep pace with the natural growth of those communities.

Elliott Abrams is quoted Friday by the Washington Post as acknowledging last week that there had been unwritten understandings between Washington and Jerusalem, as Brig. Herzog affirmed.

By repudiating any such understandings – written and spoken – Clinton has dragged US-Israeli relations into a new trough. It is now a straight issue of word against word, Washington versus Jerusalem’s. This is a dark point for restarting any peace process between Israel and Palestinians or other Arab governments for an accord on substantial issues which have defeated every past peace effort.

The “settlements” referred to by Obama in his demand for an end to all construction apply to five Israeli urban centers: its capital, Jerusalem, which the US does not recognize with or without its post-1967 extensions (although successive administrations have pledged to locate its embassy there), Maaleh Adummim just east of Jerusalem, Efrat to the south, Ariel to the north and Modiin Ilit, southeast of Tel Aviv.

Their total population is estimated between 250,000 and 300,000, plus isolated communities which are home to another approximate 180,000 Jewish inhabitants.

These figures do not include the unauthorized outposts over whose removal Israel is not arguing.

Abrams in an article he published on April 8 hinted that the passage in the 2004 Bush letter to Ariel Sharon – “It is realistic to expect that any final status agreement will only be achieved on the basis of mutually agreed changes that reflect these realities” – was an indirect recognition of demographic “changes” (in the Israeli and Palestinian populations over 42 years) and understanding for the “realities” applying to the large settlement blocks, meaning that Israel was entitled to continue their development.

However, DEBKAfile‘s Washington sources stress, Eliot Abrams has no standing in the new administration. Obama and his team will adopt or dump the understandings reached by his White House predecessors not according to archival evidence but according to whether or not they suit his new international policy directions over which Jerusalem is getting badly worried.

The Netanyahu government is now facing its first real test. In Washington, the gloves are off. If the prime minister holds to his defensive, accommodating posture toward on the settlement issue and fails to punch back with demands that the other side – and the United States itself stand by former accords and commitments – he will find himself inexorably forced back step by step on other vital security interests, including Iran’s accelerated nuclear weapons program.

Legalistic quibbling over dead letters will not avail – as Israeli officials will discover when confronted with new pressures for concessions from US envoy Mitchell next week.


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