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Obama Plays Judas: America Betrays Eastern European Allies









               In a stunning reversal of US Policy, the Obama Administration scraped the Eastern European Missile Shield to appease the Russian Strongman; Vladimir Putin.  Obama has stabbed Poland and the Czechoslovakia in the back in a transparent move to appease the Russians in advance of his upcoming meeting with President Medvedev.  During the Russian war of aggression against Georgia during the Olympics the Poles and the Czechs bravely agreed to allow the placement of a new missile defense system on their territory.  The Russians immediately placed both countries on their enemies list and unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse on both nations even while continuing to intimidate the Ukraine and beat up the Georgians. 

At the time, it was stated that the missile shield was necessary to protect against rogue nations like Iran, but everyone knew that it was to counter the growing Russian belligerence in the region. Russia goes ballistic whenever its formerly subjugated states indicate they would rather risk their existence as a people, and a nation, to join NATO rather than continue under Russian tyranny. 

Poland is already in NATO but they were told any such installation on Polish soil would be target number one for Russian Nuclear Weapons in the event of war. 

Nations such as the Ukraine and Georgia risk their freedom to try and join NATO because the Russians are quite willing to use force to keep them in their zone of terror.  The Polish President refused to accept a call from Obama, and later refused to accept a call from the senate confirmed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  I’ve seen no public reports as to whether the Poles talked to the “Foreign Policy Czar” or the “Polish Czar” or the “Betrayal Czar” (We have so many Czars it’s difficult to know who’s really running the show in any given arena of policy since the cabinet, like the constitution and the congress,  is just for show these days.) 

            In essence Obama has ceded all of Eastern Europe to Russia’s dream of reconstituting the old Soviet Empire. Imagine a criminal thug-ocracy of a new and economically improved Russia taking over the Soviet Empire of satellite states and “spheres of influence” consisting of puppet states run by and for the Kremlin. 

Not since Yalta has the world seen such a foolhardy betrayal and sacrifice of a vast section of eastern Europeans; who believe in freedom and democracy far more than the current President of the United States.  At Yalta, Roosevelt was exhausted from the Great Depression, World War II, and having been elected for 4 terms as president.  It begs the question: What’s Obama’s Excuse for this stunning and incompetent display of weakness and appeasement before a wanabe dictator like Putin?

Barak Husain Obama has just dashed the hopes of freedom for all for all of Eastern Europe and has clearly demonstrated that, not only won’t we fight for them; we won’t lift a finger for them.  With friends like the United States, and NATO:  the Eastern Europeans would be well advised to make the best deal they can with Putin and end resistance to Russian demands. This action serves to underline what Obama proved with his earlier betrayal of Israel in the face of the Iranian threat:  The United State under the Obama Administration can’t be believed or counted on and all of our allies are now very much on their own.  The Lights are on in the White House but there’s nobody home.

Obama seems so preoccupied with remaking the United States into a Socialist State that he can’t be bothered with foreign policy until it becomes a crisis. The world has long accepted the view that if Hitler had been stopped at Munich and not appeased by the world powers then World War II may well have been avoided.  Obama’s shameful betrayal of Easter Europe is the “Munich” of our times and it’s quite likely we will see the same results. 

Putin must be overjoyed by now…..


Cyber Wars on America: Now the North Korean’s are Launching Successful Attacks on the USA




North Korea may have been responsible for a very successful cyber-attack on the USA and on South Korea over the 4th of July Holiday weekend.   In World War II the big surprise was the improvements and coordination of tanks and air superiority combined in a blinding fast attack that the Germans called “Blitzkrieg”. (Lightning war)  We know that the most ambitious nation on earth, China, is pioneering cyber warfare and that the Russians and Europe are in the mix as well and the target is invariably the United States.  We better hope that Cyber Warfare is not the “Blitzkrieg” innovation of World War III because if that’s the case we’re far behind the power curve.  If World War II took five years to settle it’s likely that World War III, given the weapons of mass destruction we’re talking about, may be settled in a day or two.  We began World War II with the Pearl Harbor Disaster but we had the time to recover and come back to defeat the enemy.  In World War III the idea of a Pearl Harbor becomes untenable because the technology has become so horrific that the timeframe for staggering destruction and capitulation has shrunk to hours instead of years.

America is spending money like a drunken sailor on everything but the nation’s defenses and if there’s any government program that I would advocate spending more money on its Defense in general and Cyber, Space, and Missile Defense warfare.  The world’s cyber warriors are sharpening their skills on our nation’s computer infrastructure, with impunity, while we sit and debate how we’re going to pay for healthcare with a bankrupt nation, a broken political process, and a divided population.  In the information age the nation who controls the information frontiers of computer science and the high frontier of space will dominate the planet and enjoy unparalleled national security. As we make crazy deals with the Russians on the radical reduction of our nuclear deterrent that we’re trusting Putin to mirror we’re ignoring an effective cyber-defense in addition to acquiring a potent cyberwarfare capability ourselves.

The primary reason for the existence of government is to keep us safe and free; it’s not to give us bankrupt health care, tax our energy recourses, and redistribute wealth according to a weird social addenda, or to make sure every poor person has a mortgage they can’t possibly pay.  The Primary mission of government, national defense, is being neglected by the crazed social engineers of the Obama era in a headlong rush to destroy America and erect a Neo-socialist, Neo-Fascist state in its place.

It’s largely irrelevant whose doing the latest cyber attack because we seem to keep falling prey to such things and we have got to have a government that’s committed and effective in stopping these attacks.  The probability that these attacks were done by the crazy North Koreans just underlines our vulnerability and foolhardiness for not taking this threat as seriously as we should.

Consider this report from the AP:

North Korea May Be Behind Wave of Cyberattacks

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


SEOUL, South Korea —  South Korean intelligence officials believe North Korea or pro-Pyongyang forces committed cyber attacks that paralyzed major South Korean and U.S. government Web sites, aides to two lawmakers said Wednesday.

The sites of 11 South Korean organizations, including the presidential Blue House and the Defense Ministry, went down or had access problems since late Tuesday, according to the state-run Korea Information Security Agency. Agency spokeswoman Ahn Jeong-eun said 11 U.S. sites suffered similar problems.

She said the agency is investigating the case with police and prosecutors.

In the U.S., the Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department Web sites were all down at varying points over the July 4 holiday weekend and into this week, according to American officials inside and outside the government.

Others familiar with the U.S. outage, which is called a denial of service attack, said that the fact that the government Web sites were still being affected three days after it began signaled an unusually lengthy and sophisticated attack. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the matter.

The Korea Information Security Agency also attributed the attacks to denial of service.

Yang Moo-jin, a professor at Seoul’s University of North Korean Studies, said he doubts whether the impoverished North has the capability to knock down the Web sites.

But Hong Hyun-ik, an analyst at the Sejong Institute think tank, said the attack could have been done by either North Korea or China, saying he “heard North Korea has been working hard to hack into” South Korean networks.

On Wednesday, the National Intelligence Service told a group of South Korean lawmakers it believes that North Korea or North Korean sympathizers “were behind” the attacks, according to an aide to one of lawmakers who was briefed on the information.

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An aide to another lawmaker who was briefed also said the NIS suspects North Korea or its followers were responsible.

The aides spoke on condition of anonymity and refused to allow the names of the lawmakers they work for to be published, citing the classified nature of the information.

Both aides said the information was delivered in writing to lawmakers who serve on the National Assembly’s intelligence committee.

The National Intelligence Service — South Korea’s main spy agency — declined to confirm the information.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said military intelligence officers were looking at the possibility that the attack may have been committed by North Korean hackers and pro-North Korea forces in South Korea. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it could not confirm the report.

Earlier Wednesday, the NIS said in a statement that 12,000 computers in South Korea and 8,000 computers overseas had been infected and used for the cyber attack.

The agency said it believed the attack was “thoroughly” prepared and committed by hackers “at the level of a certain organization or state.” It said it was cooperating with the American investigators to examine the case.

South Korean media reported in May that North Korea was running a cyber warfare unit that tries to hack into U.S. and South Korean military networks to gather confidential information and disrupt service.

An initial investigation in South Korea found that many personal computers were infected with a virus program ordering them to visit major official Web sites in South Korea and the U.S. at the same time, Korean information agency official Shin Hwa-su said. There has been no immediate reports of similar cyber attack in other Asian countries.

Yonhap said that prosecutors have found some of the cyber attacks on the South Korean sites were accessed from overseas. Yonhap, citing an unnamed prosecution official, said the cyber attack used a method common to Chinese hackers.

Prosecutors were not immediately available for comment.

Shin, the Information Security Agency official, said the initial probe had not yet uncovered evidence about where the cyber outages originated. Police also said they had not discovered where the outages originated. Police officer Jeong Seok-hwa said that could take several days.

Some of the South Korean sites remained unstable or inaccessible Wednesday. The site of the presidential Blue House could be accessed, but those for the Defense Ministry, the ruling Grand National Party and the National Assembly could not.

Ahn said there were no immediate reports of financial damage or leaking of confidential national information. The alleged attacks appeared aimed only at paralyzing Web sites, she said.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry and Blue House said that there has been no leak of any documents.

The Peoples Republic of California Chronicles Episode 2: Big Banking Tells California to Drop Dead with their Worthless IOU’s





The Peoples Republic of California has long since spent itself into receivership.  Its latest scam to camouflage its bankrupt, corrupt and hideously bloated condition, has been to issue IOU’s in lieu of paying their bills. Heaven forbid that they should take an ax to spending and simply cut all the liberal social spending that destroyed this once prosperous state.  The money is gone and the goofy “warrants” they want to issue, mature, (Become due for payment in real money) in October.  Well the big mainline banks are looking at this plan, and the unilateral actions of the state to put off all payments until October, and are saying, in unison: We don’t think so California!  There are still small banks and credit unions that plan to continue enabling the spending addicts of Sacramento but with the big boys getting out this Friday one wonders if the small banks will continue to fork over a “fix”. The banks are letting it be known that they want their money and if California doesn’t pay up the banks won’t play ball!  The big spending liberals of California have finally run out of other people’s money (OPM) and the banks are cutting them off!

It’s about time!

California government has clearly failed.  They’ve had ample time to solve this budget disaster and the Legislature and Executive Branch has clearly failed to do their jobs and avoid a condition of massive default.  One can hope that this means the tacit control of the state budget would fall to a bankruptcy judge who will make the necessary cuts, since the banks are cutting them off from mainlining more “credit”, as cutting the budget becomes the last option open to the incompetent liberals. What should have been the first option, cutting spending, became the only option the California government would never, seriously, consider!  If the executive and legislative arms become unable to cut the budget: the courts must step in and make the cuts necessary to survive once the state is in true default.  Once again: the banks are saying no to “warrants” in lieu of cash and without the banks the state will shut down!

Consider this article from the Wall Street Journal now because as off Friday the Big Banks are cutting off the spending addicts of the Golden State:


JULY 7, 2009

Big Banks Don’t Want California’s IOUs



A group of the biggest U.S. banks said they would stop accepting California’s IOUs on Friday, adding pressure on the state to close its $26.3 billion annual budget gap.

Associated Press

Dorothy Cottrill of the state controller’s office inspects IOUs last week.

The development is the latest twist in California’s struggle to deal with the effects of the recession. After state leaders failed to agree on budget solutions last week, California began issuing IOUs — or “individual registered warrants” — to hundreds of thousands of creditors. State Controller John Chiang said that without IOUs, California would run out of cash by July’s end.

But now, if California continues to issue the IOUs, creditors will be forced to hold on to them until they mature on Oct. 2, or find other banks to honor them. When the IOUs mature, holders will be paid back directly by the state at an annual 3.75% interest rate. Some banks might also work with creditors to come up with an interim solution, such as extending them a line of credit, said Beth Mills, a California Bankers Association spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning, a budget meeting between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders failed to produce a result. Amid the budget deadlock, Fitch Ratings on Monday dropped California’s bond rating to BBB, down from A minus, the latest in a series of ratings downgrades for the state.

The group of banks included Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co. and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., among others. The banks had previously committed to accepting state IOUs as payment. California plans to issue more than $3 billion of IOUs in July.

Ms. Mills of the CBA said some banks were concerned that there aren’t processes in place to accept IOUs, and also worried about fraud issues. She noted that not all banks have set a July 10 deadline, and that dozens of credit unions in the state will keep accepting IOUs.

Wells Fargo’s head of community banking, Lisa Stevens, said: “We’re very disappointed, as are many Californians, that California has taken the unfortunate step of issuing IOUs in lieu of payments to some businesses and individuals.”

State officials said they were disappointed by the banks’ decision. Garin Casaleggio, a spokesman for Mr. Chiang, said: “We don’t want anybody to suffer who can’t redeem them when they need cash.”

The Trickle-Down Economic Depression: State and Local Governments Raising Taxes



The mass confiscation of individual wealth and property by government continues as insolvent state and local governments adopt a perverse “Me-to-ism” to raise taxes like the federal government and lay claim to their share of your pie.  Instead of massive cuts necessary to balance their budgets; the politicians at all levels of government, are stealing the money from the taxpayers who have already been beaten, nearly to death, by Obama’s insane spending.  In the old days, both people and governments would tighten their belts in hard times: but now the commissars of government, at all level, are tightening their belts around your neck. It’s monkey see monkey do as everyone watches  the federal government massively increase spending, hikes taxes on nearly everything, and ignores the constitution, whenever convenient, to perpetuate waste and corruption that is big government.

Government at all levels is out of control.

The answer to our government woes is clear.  It no longer matters if you are a republican or democrat the question is do you believe in limited government, rule of law, term limits and Capitalism above socialism and communism?  We need to vote for anyone that will support smaller government and the destruction of our professional political class because when you have career politicians, elitists, running the show you have either the seeds or the reality of tyrannical government.  The time has come to remove government from trying to solve social problems that it perpetuates for the purpose of political control. Identity politics must be ended.  We need to be Americans again instead of Black—Americans, Hispanic Americans, Homosexual-Americans, Atheist-Americans and any other sub group hyphenated identification.  This sort of thing is killing this country. 

Socialized Government divides us, to control us, because we’ve abdicated our individual responsibility to a bizarre form of politically-correct-group-think that is now clearly destroying the country. 

We don’t have the money for all the government programs that are currently strangling the life from our economy, and our retirement accounts, to say nothing of our declining home values, and the coming inflationary wave that will wipe out what’s left of our individual saving and checking accounts. The amount of insane duplication of social programs in federal, state, county, local, governments is stunning.  Must we have a sort of Environmental Protection Agency duplicated at every level, from federal to local governments?  Must we have the federal government involved in education at all?  Shall we have “diversity” programs and political correctness commissars at every level of state, federal, county and city government?  Isn’t the purpose of government to create conditions conducive to living our lives as we see fit without becoming obtrusive?  Do you think it’s getting a tad intrusive when government nationalizes whole industries, regulates soda pop because it makes you fat, and mandates health care coverage at a time when the economy is being kept alive be a respirator? Do you like government owning the bank that owns your mortgage?  Do you want to drive a government designed car?  Do you want government to make you weaker while government becomes so bloated, dictatorial and arrogant that they look at you as a necessary evil instead of as the boss of government? Are you the Boss of Government?  Are you waiting for Obama to help you and tell you what to do, think and believe?  When is enough; enough where this government is concerned?

Setting Criminals free because we can’t afford jails is Insane.

California is 24 Billion Short and its answer is to release criminals from prison early instead of taking a meat cleaver to its bloated and crazy budget and reordering its priorities to reflect a freedom loving American state instead of France.  Maine is taxing candy while Wisconsin taxes Oil companies.  Kentucky is taxing cell phone ring tones while Pennsylvania does a 16% increase in state income tax.  Revenue from all sources to government is drying up as the economy gets worse and unemployment continues to rise as the value of the dollar continues to fall.  The Federal Government is thinking about a National Sales Tax, just like Europe, to pay for “healthcare” and the Cap and Trade debacle is still a possibility. It doesn’t matter that gas costs are up over $70 a barrel and expected to continue to climb.  Illinois wants to stop paying for poor people’s funerals and New Hampshire wants to sell nearly 30 state parks.  The beat goes on and on and on. 

There’s no more money and the only intelligent thing to do is to keep first things first at every level of government and to take government out of social spending because it’s dividing the nation and bankrupting us.

We stand in the midst of our own folly.  We’ve elevated government above God and the Family and even the Constitution: and it turns out we were wrong.  Big Government can’t work because it becomes big corruption.  The only way government can be made to truly serve the people is to keep it small and sharply restrict its growth and intrusion into society.  Government won’t give us social justice: it’s just not designed to do so.  Government cant end racism but it can perpetuate it and harvest the votes of perpetual victims to justify more government, bigger government, more powerful government. Government should ensure equality of opportunity: NOT EQUALITY OF OUTCOMES.  The only person who can ensure the equality of an outcome is you.

The Answer to every level of government with a financial problem is the same: Cut taxes and Cut Spending until your budget is balanced.

The only way to prosper and remain free is to demand that government cut itself down to size and to reject any politicians who favor big government and tax increases of any kind. Right now we’re facing a political crisis in which government is out of control.   Government is on a self destructive spending binge, the nefarious Federal Reserve is on an America destroying currency printing spree, and the people are increasingly out of work, exhausted and despondent while trying to maintain a criminal government that’s at least 50% larger than it should be. Why should we pay for big corrupt governments we don’t want don’t need, and that now creates more problems than it solves?  Its incumbent on a free people to put an end to big government before big government put an end to freedom for the people.  You can side with political correctness; social engineering and “activist” judges and government or you can side with limited government, the constitution and personal responsibility.  You can’t have both.

Consider this article by the New York Times that I found on the Drudge Report:


States Turning to Last Resorts in Budget Crisis


Published: June 21, 2009

In Hawaii, state employees are bracing for furloughs of three days a month over the next two years, the equivalent of a 14 percent pay cut. In Idaho, lawmakers reduced aid to public schools for the first time in recent memory, forcing pay cuts for teachers.Skip to next paragraph

And in California, where a $24 billion deficit for the coming fiscal year is the nation’s worst, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed releasing thousands of prisoners early and closing more than 200 state parks.

Meanwhile, Maine is adding taxes on candy and ski tickets, Wisconsin on oil companies, and Kentucky on alcohol and cellphone ring tones.

With state revenues in a free fall and the economy choked by the worst recession in 60 years, governors and legislatures are approving program cuts, layoffs and, to a smaller degree, tax increases that were previously unthinkable.

All but four states must have new budgets in place less than two weeks from now — by July 1, the start of their fiscal year. But most are already predicting shortfalls as tax collections shrink, unemployment rises and the stock market remains in turmoil.

“These are some of the worst numbers we have ever seen,” said Scott D. Pattison, executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers, adding that the federal stimulus money that began flowing this spring was the only thing preventing widespread paralysis, particularly in the areas of education and health care. “If we didn’t have those funds, I think we’d have an incredible number of states just really unsure of how they were going to get a new budget out.”

The states where the fiscal year does not end June 30 are Alabama, Michigan, New York and Texas.

Even with the stimulus funds, political leaders in at least 19 states are still struggling to negotiate budgets, which has incited more than the usual drama and spite. Governors and legislators of the same party are finding themselves at bitter odds: in Arizona, Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, sued the Republican-controlled Legislature earlier this month after it refused to send her its budget plan in hopes that she would run out of time to veto it.

In Illinois, the Democratic-led legislature is fighting a plan by Gov. Patrick J. Quinn, also a Democrat, to balance the new budget by raising income taxes. And in Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick, a Democrat, has threatened to veto a 25 percent increase in the state sales tax that Democratic legislative leaders say is crucial to help close a $1.5 billion deficit in the new fiscal year.

“Legislators have never dealt with a recession as precipitous and rapid as this one,” said Susan K. Urahn, managing director of the Pew Center on the States. “They’re faced with some of the toughest decisions legislators ever have to make, for both political and economic reasons, so it’s not surprising that the environment has become very tense.”

In all, states will face a $121 billion budget gap in the coming fiscal year, according to a recent report by the National Conference of State Legislatures, compared with $102.4 billion for this fiscal year.

The recession has also proved politically damaging for a number of governors, not least Jon Corzine of New Jersey, whose Republican opponent in this year’s race for governor has tried to make inroads by blaming the state’s economic woes on him. Mr. Schwarzenegger, who sailed into office on a wave of popularity in 2003, will leave in 2011 — barred by term limits from running again — under the cloud of the nation’s worst budget crisis. And the bleak economy has played a major role in the waning popularity of Gov. David A. Paterson of New York.

Over all, personal income tax collections are down by about 6.6 percent compared with last year, according to a survey by Mr. Pattison’s group and the National Governors Association. Sales tax collections are down by 3.2 percent, the survey found, and corporate income tax revenues by 15.2 percent. (Although New Jersey announced last week that a tax amnesty program had brought in an unexpected $400 million — a windfall that caused lawmakers to reconsider some of the deeper cuts in a $28.6 billion budget they were set to approve in advance of the July 1 deadline.)

As a result, governors have recommended increasing taxes and fees by some $24 billion for the coming fiscal year, the survey found. This is on top of more than $726 million they sought in new revenues this year.

The proposals include increases in personal income tax rates — Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania has proposed raising the state’s income tax by more than 16 percent, to 3.57 percent from 3.07 percent, for three years — and tax increases on myriad consumer goods.

“They have done a fair amount of cutting and will probably do some more,” said Ray Scheppach, executive director of the governors association. “But as they look out over the next two or three years, they are also aware that when this federal money stops coming, there is going to be a cliff out there.”

Raising revenues is the surest way to ensure financial stability after the stimulus money disappears, Mr. Scheppach added, saying, “You’re better off to take all the heat at once and do it in one package that gets you through the next two, three or four years.”

While state general fund spending typically increases by about 6 percent a year, it is expected to decline by 2.2 percent for this fiscal year, Mr. Pattison said. The last year-to-year decline was in 1983, he said, on the heels of a national banking crisis.

The starkest crisis is playing out in California, where lawmakers are scrambling to close the $24 billion gap after voters rejected ballot measures last month that would have increased taxes, borrowed money and reapportioned state funds.

Democratic legislative leaders last week offered alternatives to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s recommended cuts, including levying a 9.9 percent tax on oil extracted in the state and increasing the cigarette tax to $2.37 a pack, from 87 cents. But Mr. Schwarzenegger has vowed to veto any budget that includes new taxes, setting the stage for an ugly battle as the clock ticks toward the deadline.

“We still don’t know how bad it will be,” Ms. Urahn said. “The story is yet to be told, because in the next couple of weeks we will see some of the states with the biggest gaps have to wrestle this thing to the ground and make the tough decisions they’ve all been dreading.”

In one preview, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a Republican, said last week that he would unilaterally cut a total of $2.7 billion from nearly all government agencies and programs that get money from the state, after he and Democratic legislative leaders failed to agree on how to balance the budget.

In an example of the countless small but painful cuts taking place, Illinois announced last week that it would temporarily stop paying about $15 million a year for about 10,000 funerals for the poor. Oklahoma is cutting back hours at museums and historical sites, Washington is laying off thousands of teachers, and New Hampshire wants to sell 27 state parks.

Nor will the pain end this year, Ms. Urahn said, even if the recession ends, as some economists have predicted. Unemployment could keep climbing through 2010, she said, continuing to hurt tax collections and increasing the demand for Medicaid, one of states’ most burdensome expenses.

“Stress on the Medicaid system tends to come later in a recession, and we have yet to see the depth of that,” Ms. Urahn said. “So you will see, for the next couple years at least, states really struggling with this.”

The Golden State Nightmare: Massive Budget Cuts or Constitutional Chaos?



The Democrat-Socialist Workers Paradise of California has been run by Ideologues and Left Wing Extremists for decades and now they’re flat busted broke.  California has redundant programs that regulate an astonishing amount of minutia, on the one hand, or that outrageously and redundantly copy existing federal regulatory agencies on everything from the environment to civil rights programs on the other hand. California is dying from exorbitant pensions and labor laws reminiscent of the Unions that killed the Auto makers.  California has a corrupt democrat legislature that never cuts spending but only contuse to assault taxpayers creating a mass exodus of business and talent who simply won’t fork over the loot anymore. California thus throws away its tax base and expresses contempt for its pool of skilled workers. In this California resembles New Jersey and New York.  California is terrorized by environmental, “civil rights” and education lobbies; spouting hip socialist nonsense that only a tenured college professor could believe, while ignoring the fact that government cannot, and should not, solve all the ills of society.  In this they resemble the People’s Republic of Massachusetts who went broke over socialized medicine.  At the behest of surly, ungrateful, and arrogant Hispanic “Activists” California is giving away tons of benefits, from education, to health care, to housing, to illegal aliens because the businesses remaining in the state like slave labor and the Democrats like to buy votes.

Who’s going to pay the freight when the 5th or 8th largest economy on the planet, it depends on whose numbers you use, defaults?  California is bankrupt and their legislature is practically inoperable.  You need 2/3rd majority to cut anything and that’s hard to come by.  That’s the only thing the Democrat legislature did effectively is make sure that their spending could never be cut, perhaps not even in the event of a total collapse of the government.  California is what happens when Ideology and Identity Politics metastasize in a state making it impossible for the state to survive its addiction to socialist ideology over truth and common sense. California is dying fast, before our eyes, and the only solution left is for every other state to pay for California’s mistakes: and continue to fund those mistakes and even magnify them.  They want all the states who did it right to pay for the states, California first among them, who did it wrong.  They want you to pay for it.  They want to steal the money once again from the federal taxpayer because “California is too big to fail”. Sound familiar?

When the Obama Administration shreds what’s left of the Constitution of the United States and takes over California will Barak get to “fire” Arnold like he did the CEO of GM?  Does anyone believe that if the legislature deadlocks over massive budget cuts, as it has done in the past, that Obama will let the states government shut down? No courts, no jails, no cops, no parks, no state services with just the California National Guard to step in and try to run the bureaucratic labyrinth that is California?  Forget selling San Quentin: is the Terminator going to have to run the prison and cook the meals all by himself?  (Maria would help but she might be busy having her hair done)

The voters have told the state “NO” on new confiscatory taxation.  The legislature is populated by hard line socialist-democrats with legions of pet projects, and you need 2/3’s of them to agree to cut a nickel from the budget: they may not be able to avoid a crash.  What happens when a modern American state goes completely off the rails and the political, as well as the financial system, totally fails?  What happens to the constitution if the United States Government destroys more tax dollars in an illegal and immoral attempt to save California? Is there any such thing as states’ rights when state government fails and cant govern itself?  What happens if the state can’t pay its bills, if the legislature is deadlocked and the government becomes unworkable?  Can a state or Federal bankruptcy judge step in as a “special Master” and make all the decisions on spending cuts that the political system was unable to do?  Under what legal authority would that occur? 

Does anyone doubt that Obama will rescue California and essentially assume command of the state under some kind of emergency powers: and thereby do to the United States exactly what California did to itself by making Kansas pay for California pensions, educational and civil rights bureaucracy while we all go down the socialist drain?

If you thought the mortgage and financial meltdown was fun last summer; just wait for this summer when the great Democrat State Meltdown kicks off with California leading the way!  Here’s the punch line:  EVERYTHING THAT’S WRONG WITH CALIFORNIA IS EXACTLY THE POLLICY POSSITION OUR PRESIDENT, BARAK OBAMA, STANDS FOR!!!!!!   What taxpayer money giant banks, insurance companies and unions didn’t steal from our children’s future will be stolen by the Neo-Socialist Democrat Party as the states they control swallow up what remains of federal tax dollars.  Between big business corruption, and giant government corruption: our entire system of government is hanging by a thread and the only one who can save us is Comrade Obama, Comrade Pelosi, and the Terminator!

Did you think last summer was fun?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Consider this article from Newsmax on the taxpayers revolt as expressed by yesterday’s vote in California:

Schwarzenegger’s Pro-tax Ballot Goes Down in Flames

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 7:00 AM


LOS ANGELES — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to permanently fix California’s “broken budget system.” But three times now he has tried and failed to smooth out the state’s roller coaster revenues.

Voters on Tuesday resoundingly rejected his latest effort, a package of budget-balancing measures that he promised would provide a short-term patch for the current financial crisis and prevent further catastrophe in the future.

Instead, he now faces a $21.3 billion budget deficit and a budget system that has not changed a bit since he took office nearly six years ago.

“I think he’s discovered that this job is a lot harder than he anticipated in a state of economic downturn,” Treasurer Bill Lockyer said Tuesday of the governor who came into office in 2003 promising to “end the crazy deficit spending.”

The Republican governor faces another tough round of budget negotiations after months spent haggling with lawmakers to close the state’s first budget shortfall, which was initially $42 billion through June 2010.

Schwarzenegger will be forced to spend much of his final year-and-a-half in office struggling with the same financial woes that led to the recall of his predecessor instead of enacting the sweeping policy changes he once envisioned.

“The biggest loser would be Arnold,” said Dave McCuan, a political science professor at Sonoma State University. “It’s time to start looking for a cabinet post in the Obama administration or an ambassadorship someplace warm.”

Lockyer said Schwarzenegger and lawmakers will have to reach a new budget agreement quickly, with tax revenue coming in far below projections. Unless a compromise is struck by the end of June, the state could have trouble paying its bills by the end of July.

Political observers say Schwarzenegger and lawmakers will have little choice but to go after even politically sacred programs such as schools. An unusually high two-thirds vote threshold in the Legislature for passing budgets and partisan polarization could combine for a painful summer.

“The choices facing the governor and Legislature are daunting,” said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California. “Democrats have taken heat for accepting spending cuts. Certain Republicans have taken heat for accepting tax increases, and the heat’s only going to get more intense this summer.”

Many Californians have been hearing about the state’s budget problems but have yet to feel the severity of the crisis. That will soon change, Pitney said.

“For a lot of people, the budget’s been an abstraction. But with the next round, there will probably be serious consequences, particularly in the schools,” Pitney said.

Last week, the governor said he will consider shortening the school year by seven days, laying off up to 5,000 state employees and taking money from local governments, which likely would translate into cuts to police and firefighting services.

Tens of thousands of teachers also face the prospect of layoffs.

Schwarzenegger’s warning did not sway voters, many of whom said they did not trust that the ballot propositions would do much to solve California’s budget trouble.

The majority of registered voters didn’t bother to vote at all. Partial results from nearly 70 percent of precincts reporting late Tuesday showed only 19 percent of voters had cast a ballot, according to the secretary of state’s office.

Chris Almanza, 55, of Sacramento was among those who chose not to vote, in part because she was angry and frustrated at state lawmakers.

“I’m not going to vote because I don’t think it’s going to matter,” Almanza said.

The governor had particularly championed Proposition 1A, which would have created a stronger rainy day fund for troubled times and capped state spending, while extending a series of tax increases lawmakers approved in February. Those taxes would have brought in about $16 billion to state coffers in future years.

Proposition 1A also was crucial to solving many of the budget problems Schwarzenegger has had to confront in office and help him carve out a legacy for himself.

He reiterated Tuesday that he wanted to be remembered as a fighter for budget reform and said he wouldn’t be dissuaded by the overwhelming repudiation from voters.

“I have been working to accomplish this kind of reform since I was elected in 2003 and I will keep working toward it because we cannot allow this harmful and out-of-control budget process to continue,” Schwarzenegger said in a concession statement late Tuesday.

The governor planned to return Wednesday from Washington, D.C., where he spent Election Day, to start discussing the grim options with legislative leaders.

Tea Parties, Blatant Media Corruption and Treason: Just another Day’s Work for Barak Obama



The mainstream media has failed to take their duty to report the news seriously. Political corruption has so infected today’s reporters that they no longer report the news but manipulate and twist it, according to their agenda, instead of reporting it.  By not reporting a vast upwelling of American anger they hope to avoid the just criticism of Obama who was, and remains, the media’s candidate. Elite media types hate to get an “I told you so” from the American People and I hope their partisan handling of this story does not lead to real trouble in the end. With more than 700 protests across the country the people want to be heard and the media’s attempts to stifle this outcry will doubtless face ratings repercussions.

Reporters should report the news not take a jaundiced democrat eye toward news that’s either critical of the democrats or favorable to the conservatives.  With so many protests across the length and breadth of America and with Paid Democrat Operatives from ACORN and MOVE ON converging on the demonstrations there is the possibility that trouble will ensue: BUT NONE DID.   Failure to cover these events is both an act of unpardonable political censorship by what is supposed to be a “free press” and very poor news judgment. Like many liberals the press is quick to expound on its “rights” at great length but they seem to be in denial about their “responsibilities” to report objectively.  News organizations who offer biased reports of this phenomenon, or who refuse to cover the story because of their open affection for democrats and socialists, should lose the privilege of reporting the news because they’ve failed their responsibility to report the truth.


More worrisome still are the actions of the Department of Homeland Security who seems to regard all conservatives, Christians, veterans and some republicans, as potential terrorists.  The Department of Homeland Security sees these Tea Parties as a threat and is said to be infiltrating the ranks of law abiding Americans who happen to be conservative or who are aghast at out of control government spending. If this is not a blatant attempt to intimidate the electorate than I don’t know what is.  The Obama administration has a heart that only Joseph Gobbles and Heinrich Himmler could fully love and appreciate.  This is the United States of American and we don’t use police powers to intimidate free political speech or the right to assemble.  That’s the sort of thing we expect from Stalin’s Russia, Chaves in Venezuela and the Keystone Cops instead of DHS. 

It’s a sure bet that Pelosi’s Politburo would be fully in agreement that all these fired up conservatives are a threat to the Democrat Party, (and the glorious new socialist utopia they plan for us,) but in no way is it a  legitimate threat to the United States of America.  I call on President Obama; who is ultimately responsible for this un-American activity, to fire the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and all her senior deputies because any decent American knew the report was morally wrong.  This is very much over the line and if Homeland Security is to be used to attack conservatives while Obama bows to Arab Dictators, and ignores Islamic terror, than it either DHS needs to be disbanded or its leadership fired and replaced by people who target real terrorists not those who disagree with Obama and his thugs. It is un-American and forbidden to criminalize the political opposition in this nation and stunts like this and the revival of the “fairness doctrine” must receive the highest possible sanctions if we’re to remain a free people.


I guess it was just a matter of time before the traditional paranoia of a Democrat President led to the horrific damage that Obama just did to our intelligence agencies in general and the CIA in particular.  Bill Clinton completely disempowered the CIA because its director wouldn’t comply with his political whims and Jimmy Carter gutted all human intelligence capabilities over urban myths and his belief that satellites can tell us everything the enemy is up to including their intentions.  (It didn’t turn out that way!) It’s one thing to see the Obama Media completely fail to live up to their responsibilities, it’s another to see Obama fail to punish a gross abuse of government police power that effectively criminalizes anyone who disagrees with him: but it’s another to see him gouge out our very eyes in a terribly dangerous world. Barak Husain Obama has laid out for our terrorist’s enemies, whom he calls criminals instead of terrorists, all our best techniques that George Bush used to keep our nation safe after September 11th.  It’s as if the Obama people are inviting more terrorist attacks and giving the terrorists free tutoring on how to make sure they succeed! 

It has been tough going for Obama lately and the Tea Parties must have been something of an annoyance: so maybe our new president needs another crisis to place us fully into European Socialism.  It seems enigmatic to observe Obama’s love and need for European Approval when the president of FRANCE just called Barak Obama essentially weak and stupid.  (It astounds me to see France call anyone weak and stupid but it astounds me even more to agree with France!) It brings to mind tender memories of how former chancellor Gerhardt Schroder of Germany used to slap around Jimmy Carter and lecture the incompetent peanut farmer about how to conduct foreign policy 101.  Jimmy Carter and CIA Director Stansfield Turner fired our entire human intelligence network and the stupidity of that act resounds and reverberates across the nation to this day.  Perhaps Obama doesn’t want to be outdone by Carter because the stupidity of what this incompetent, ideological, socialist president has done will have a very real cost paid in American blood and the forfeiture of our way of life for countless future generations.  This is so incomprehensible an error and so unforgivable a violation of a presidents oath of office that a real congress would go to impeachment hearing immediately but Pelosi’s Politburo will doubtless name a national park after Barak, spend a few more trillions, socialize our medical care and enjoy their weekend.   It’s Just another day at the Oval Office in this the first year of Barak the Beneficent. 

Consider this article from the Politico at the following URL:

If you follow the above link you can read PDF’s of the Memo’s Obama gave to our enemies.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod says President Barack Obama spent about a month pondering whether to release Bush-era memos about CIA interrogation techniques, and considered it “a weighty decision.”“He thought very long and hard about it, consulted widely, because there were two principles at stake,” Axelrod said . “One is … the sanctity of covert operations … and keeping faith with the people who do them, and the impact on national security, on the one hand. And the other was the law and his belief in transparency.”

The president consulted officials from the Justice Department, the CIA, the director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security Department, according to his adviser.

“It was a weighty decision,” Axelrod said. “As with so many issues, there are competing points of view that flow from very genuine interests and concerns that are to be respected. And then the president has to synthesize all of it and make a decision that’s in the broad national interest. He’s been thinking about this for four weeks, really.”

A former top official in the administration of President George W. Bush called the publication of the memos “unbelievable.”

“It’s damaging because these are techniques that work, and by Obama’s action today, we are telling the terrorists what they are,” the official said. “We have laid it all out for our enemies. This is totally unnecessary. … Publicizing the techniques does grave damage to our national security by ensuring they can never be used again — even in a ticking-time- bomb scenario where thousands or even millions of American lives are at stake.”

“I don’t believe Obama would intentionally endanger the nation, so it must be that he thinks either 1. the previous administration, including the CIA professionals who have defended this program, is lying about its importance and effectiveness, or 2. he believes we are no longer really at war and no longer face the kind of grave threat to our national security this program has protected against.”

Obama did not act on an arbitrary timeline. There was a deadline in a court case with the ACLU on Thursday. It had been extended, but the ACLU was not going to agree to another.








The Pope Tells it Like it Is: Secularism is Excluding Religion Increasingly in Our World





Happy Easter to everyone.  


I found this on Drudge and it’s from the Daily Mail.  The Pope seems to present the issues quite well and I am in full agreement with him.  We’re losing the sacred and the holy to an increasingly hostile secularism that fundamentally reinforces values that are toxic to human beings.  We’ve mistaken liberty for license and we’ve all but surrounded to the want monster of mindless materialism.  There’s a lot more to life than greed and special interest group power plays and if we cant regain our moorings for ourselves than we must for the sake of our kids.  Our material success has not translated into spiritual or ethical success and we’re treating one another worse than ever before in many ways.


There is a part of the human being that even now in the age of heart transplants and cloning that cries out for the basics of how a decent human society shall regulate itself.  In the past religion has fulfilled that role but now every proposed standard of normative human behavior, to say nothing of idyllic human behavior is roundly criticized as an “imposition of values”. To have values and ethics as a human being is as nessisary as having air to breath and values are not an imposition but a personal choice. Our choices are what our lives are all about.   No one can be free for whom everything goes and nothing is either sacred or forbidden because investing narcissism and cowardice with virtue is the worst form of slavery.  To be valueless, as a human being, is not to be free—– it’s to be a monster. (Or evil if you will)  Religion is being degraded, belittled and ripped from our society by zealous secularists who are convinced that all religion is just another means of oppression.  


At its base a society is a group of individuals with a common cultural and moral base around which the society is organized.  A society that has as its organizing principle hedonism and political correctness is trying to organize itself around non principles.  You can value valueless ness but its no way to run a human society because it’s destined to self destruct and anarchy will be the only result.


I believe that abortion is wrong and against the laws of God.  I think that marriage is the only viable family unit and I define it as between one man and one woman.  I think Homosexuality, Cheating on your Taxes, Lying, and being envious of other peoples stuff is a sin.  That’s my understanding of Christianity and it’s the organizing principle of my life as it was the organizing principle of the society I was born into.  (Before Obama corrected everything and gave us utopia)  In the world in which I grew up it was ok to have those beliefs and no one looked down on you or derided you as a bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic far right religious nut.  That’s increasingly no longer the case and it seems to me that the farther we stray from the basic Judaic Christian heritage of the USA the worse, the more hopeless and disenfranchised from the best of ourselves we become.


That’s just my opinion.  I believe in right and wrong; and the message of Jesus.  That makes me increasingly a nut, if not dangerous in today’s world of “tolerance and inclusion”. In my faith some things aren’t ok.  Period.  In the article below the Pope puts it better than I can and on this Easter Sunday of 2009 I’m happy to be in Benedict’s corner when he calls for a rediscovery of the sacred within ourselves and others.


From the Daily Mail via Drudge:–Pope-gives-Good-Friday-address.html#



We have drifted into a desert of godlessness (and a happy Easter to all): Pope gives Good Friday address

By Simon Caldwell
Last updated at 3:22 PM on 10th April 2009



Pope Benedict XVI will tonight attack  the rise of aggressive  secularism in western societies, warning them that they risked drifting into a  ‘desert of godlessness’.

The Bavarian-born Pontiff will use his Good Friday meditations to compare deliberate attempts to purge religion from public life to the mockery of Jesus Christ by the mob as he was led out to be crucified.

He will say said that ‘religious sentiments’ were increasingly ranked among the  ‘unwelcome leftovers of antiquity’ and held up to scorn and ridicule.

‘We are shocked to see to what levels of brutality human beings can sink,’ he will tell the congregation as he meditates on the stations of the cross at an evening  ceremony at the Coliseum, Rome.

‘Jesus is humiliated in new ways even today – when things that are most  holy and profound in the faith are being trivialised, the sense of the sacred is  allowed to erode,’ he will say.

‘Everything in public life risks being desacralised – persons, places,  pledges, prayers, practices, words, sacred writings, religious formulae,  symbols, ceremonies. Our life together is being increasingly  secularised.

‘Religious life grows diffident. Thus we see the most momentous matters  placed among trifles, and trivialities glorified.

‘Values and norms that held societies together and drew people to higher  ideals are laughed at and thrown overboard. Jesus continues to be  ridiculed.’

The Pope, who turns 82 later this month, will pray that Christians would  respond to the problem by growing in faith.

‘May we never question or mock serious things in life like a cynic,’ he will say.

‘Allow us not to drift into the desert of godlessness. Enable us to  perceive you in the gentle breeze, see you in street corners, love you in the  unborn child.’

On the station that marks the passage in the Gospel where Jesus met the  women of Jerusalemon the way to be crucified, the Pope  will also condemn the oppression of women, saying there were ‘many societies in the  world where women fail to receive a fair deal’.


‘Christ must be weeping for them,’ the Pope will claim.

He will add: ‘There are societies too that are thoughtless about their  future. Christ must be weeping for their children.

‘Wherever there is unconcern for the future, through the overuse of  resources, the degradation of the environment, the oppression of women, the  neglect of family values, the ignoring of ethical norms, the abandonment of  religious traditions, Jesus must be telling people: “Do not weep for me, but  weep for yourselves”.’

The Stations of the Cross are traditionally performed by the Pope at the  amphitheatre where thousands of early Christians died as martyrs during  persecutions ordered by the Roman emperors.

During the ceremony, the Pope will stop at each of the 14 stations – which  represent the sequence of events between Jesus’s ‘agony’ in the Gardenof Gethsemane to his crucifixion and burial –  where he will read out a meditation.

The Good Friday meditations generally reflect on the evil in the world on  the day that the Church commemorates the suffering and death of  Christ.

On Easter Sunday, the Pope’s Urbi et Orbi (to the City and to the World)  message is of a completely different tone, reflecting his hope and joy in the  risen and triumphant saviour.

The Good Friday meditations for this year were written for Pope Benedict  by Thomas Menamparampil, the Archbishop of Guwahati, India

Many reflect on the problems faced by the Church in the Middle East and  Asia, where persecution in Iraq, for instance, has forced half of the Christian population to flee the country, and in India where  anti-Christian riots in the state of Orissa last autumn led to thousands of  families seeking sanctuary in refugee camps.

The comments on secularism refer pointedly, however, to the rise of an  intolerant form of secularism in the West, which seeks to purge traditionally  Christian societies of their religious character.

In Britain this has led to legal battles  between employers and Christians suspended or sacked for expressing their  religious convictions or simply wearing religious jewellery such as crucifixes.

Publicly-funded church schools, adoption agencies and even  hospital chaplains have come under attack while the Government has given  taxpayers’ money to groups that promote atheism.