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What No Foreign Army Could Do: Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Lead the Assault on American Sovereignty

The Obama Administration is being whipsawed by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s over the loss of the nations AAA credit rating. In the event the rating is lost the interest costs to finance our suicidal debt would rise as faith in our financial system falls; as determined by rating agencies. There seems to be a whiff of panic in the air as Obama refuses clear cut spending reductions and the Republicans refuse to raise taxes in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Given the extra “pressure” of the ratings agencies threat to our credit rating; our brave politicians are dealing with their discomfiture by beginning to rally around the so called McConnell plan. What is the McConnell plan? It’s a craven, abject capitulation, designed to give Obama the sole authority to order a debt limit increase on his own authority; while providing congress a fig leaf to cover its naked abdication to control the nation’s finances. Like Pontius Pilot, the quaking marshmallow McConnell would wash his hands, and those of fellow Republicans, of the “blame” for the torrent of additional Obama spending without any cuts at all. What’s another couple of Trillion Dollars of debt before Election Day? The fact that these two rating agencies, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, can make Country Club, Big Government, “Republicans” like Mitch McConnell fall down and grovel at their feet with no spending cuts to show for this fiasco, makes you wonder who is really in charge in Washington.

Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s are just the vanguard of the forces that are displacing our hapless elected officials from conducting the nations business as increasingly they are forced to cede our sovereignty to credit rating agencies, the International Monetary Fund, and The Federal Reserve as they determine American policy. Look for this trend to continue and for examples of these financial entities to be increasingly brazen about telling our wobbly-kneed-politicians exactly what to do. No Foreign Army could have concurred the USA in the last century but giant money cartels like the Nefarious Federal Reserve and global financial organizations like the IMF have taken effective control of this country as congress abdicates its responsibility, and Obama grows the imperial presidency into a true puppet of global dictatorship. This coalition of financial Napoleons never fired a shot: they just replaced democrats with socialists, encouraged dependence on the big government crack pipe, and waited sixty year while systematically taking over education and media. The USA never even knew it had been vanquished. Big money has made our elections a joke as the sums involved to be elected to any national office are so huge that candidates of both parties are beholden to big money to mount a campaign. Ever wonder why it doesn’t seem to matter what party is elected because the policy stays the same?

What have our new masters, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s done by their threat to downgrade our credit rating? Besides annoying Prince Obama and causing the cowardly old men of the Senate to soil themselves; what does this threat from Moody’s and S&P do? Once again the McConnell plan gives sole authority to Obama to spend another two Trillion Dollars with no spending cuts at all. Why? The gutless McConnell will tell you it’s to insure that Obama gets the blame for his economy: thus positioning Republicans to triumph in the next election. Is it really about the politics? Or is it about trillions of dollars and the increased control the global Financial/Intelligence/Military complex gains over our country? Is letting us know that all this money we’ve borrowed will soon be costing us a lot more the equivalent of a fisherman setting the hook on a prized fish? We’re already at the point where it’s impossible to pay off our debts but when the rates go up—and Obama is allowed to borrow TRILLIONS more—– the chains will go on us all: and we’ll never be off the hook of this debt. Not ever.

Having become somewhat cynical in my old age I suspect that the real purpose is to spend that extra couple of trillion, that even now can probably never be repaid, so as to increase the control over the US Government by the crack dealing czars of the global Industrial Military Complex, and New World Order Financial and Intelligence cartels. In the twenty-first century, standing armies are obsolete having been replaced by financial control and absolute mastery of information technology. The military has its place, but the true control of the world lies in the manipulation of the information & intelligence infrastructure and an iron grip on global finances. The power to create money, to grant and to absolve debt is morphing into direct control of the daily governance of the crumbling Western World. Just ask Greece……. And maybe even Senator McConnell if you catch him in a candid mood. Maybe you had better just ask Greece….