Baby Boom Morality and the Management of the American Economy: A Tax Cheater Ponders Ethical Reforms for the Stimulus

The United States Senate voted yesterday to confirm the ethically challenged Tim Geithner as the new Secretary of the Treasury in spite of a well documented pattern of Tax Evasion.  Like banks that are “too big to fail”( that cause us to abandon the free market and our republic for socialism in the dead of night) we must overlook Geithner’s tax cheating because “he’s the best man for the job”. One must draw the obvious conclusion that our economic situation is so dire that only a crooked, tax cheating, protégé of Hank Paulson could possibly get us out of the consequences of pathological debiting, crazed printing of money, and abdication of monetary policy to a criminal consortium of bankers.  (Aka. The Federal Reserve) Ethics and morality could only get in the way of an expedited evasion of the common sense required by the market to learn from our many mistakes.

 President Obama has given command of the economy to a tax evader in the hopes that the United States can avoid the consequences of decades of cheap money, out of control spending, lax regulation, and the looting of entitlement trust funds to by the votes of various racial and social minorities. If Geithner can avoid paying his taxes maybe he can get the whole country off the hook for activity that was just as immoral, stupid and narcissistic as the conduct of our new Treasury Secretary.  That’s the kind of “change we can believe in” at least until Geithner goes to jail and we come to grips with our economic conduct and denial about having no energy production.

The Baby Booms war on morality as a social “imposition” of those darn Christians has culminated in the cheering thongs of Obamakins celebrating the triumph of Geithner, the Cheater, to command of the American Economy.  I wonder what our creditors in the world think as they see this development and I wonder if they think they might be getting the short end of the stick from the morally nimble Geithner? I’m sure the Chinese and the Saudi’s are impressed that our economy has been turned over to someone with elements of the same behavioral profile as Al Capone.  (He was a tax cheater too but unlike Geithner went to jail for it.) The Baby Boom has been a consequence free generation all these years by rejecting morality and ethics in favor of a crass narcissism masquerading as “hip self esteem”; and now the bill for a generation of denial and foolhardiness is coming due all at once as we confirm Geithner. The truly sad part of all this is that a moral failing at Treasury on the part of Geithner will come as such a big surprise to the “progressives” who confirmed him.  It’s like electing Bill Clinton to be President of an all Girl Finishing School and not expecting the pregnancy rate to skyrocket.  Will we ever learn our lesson?

Consider some clips from an article on the AP

WASHINGTON — Under orders from President Barack Obama to move quickly to overhaul the U.S. response to a deepening financial crisis, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was expected to unveil a new set of rules Tuesday to limit the influence of special interests in decisions involving the government’s $700 billion financial rescue program.

The new rules are designed to crack down on lobbyist influence over the rescue program, according to an administration official with knowledge of the changes.

In making required reports to Congress on the operation of the $700 billion rescue program, officials will have to certify that each investment decision was based only on objective criteria and the facts of each case. The rescue program will be required to publish a detailed description of the review process conducted in making the awards, and no bank will be considered for an award unless it was recommended for the assistance by the firm’s primary bank regulator.

The new rules are coming in the wake of new lobbying reports filed with the government showing that some big banks had stepped up their lobbying efforts late last year even as they received billions of dollars from the bailout program.

Along with the new lobbying rules, the administration has pledged to better track lending patterns by financial institutions to ensure that they are using the government assistance to increase lending. The Obama administration has also sought to limit executive compensation at institutions receiving government support and prevent shareholders at those companies from benefiting at taxpayers’ expense.

The Senate voted 60-34 to put Geithner in charge of the administration’s economic team. Those who opposed the nomination said they could not accept Geithner’s explanation that his failure to pay $34,023 in self-employment taxes from 2001 to 2004 when he worked at the International Monetary Fund was an unintentional error.


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